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There are a range of factors to consider when selecting and having a conservatory built that best fit your requirements. The first point of consideration is the style and size of your house. If you have a large, period property such as Victorian or Georgian/ Edwardian, then it makes sense to go for a corresponding conservatory of that style. Not only will this complement your property perfectly, but will also significantly add value to it.

Smaller properties, or if your home is modern, would benefit from a conservatory that doesn’t dwarf or overshadow it. Modern styles such as lean to’s or  P-shapes, can provide extra space, without looking too incongruous.

You will also need to take a look at your garden. A garden that surrounds your home would be able to incorporate a larger conservatory. It could also be built at the gable, rather than rear end of your home. A long or narrow garden may determine the style of conservatory that you choose. Whether or not the rear of your home is south facing is also a factor that you will need to consider. How much natural light would you like your conservatory to provide, or enhance?

It may also be possible for you to combine styles. If you have a large older home, with plenty of outdoor space, then a P style Victorian conservatory could be a good choice. This way you get a modern design with a classic style, and allows you to have one extremely large space or two smaller areas should you so choose.

Hip conservatories are an excellent way of creating extra space if you live in a bungalow or smaller property. Their smaller size with lower elevation and this also means that they do not look out of place. By contrast,  if you have an extremely large – and high – property, then lantern style conservatories are both elegant and functional. These two tiered lanterns are often used to enclose swimming pools, but are also perfect for entertaining large groups of friends or family.

Traditional lean to conservatories are popular options, but for a more unique variation, you might wish to consider a gull wing conservatory. These look like traditional right angled conservatories, however two of the corners face away from the property, offering a more interesting shape than the more regular lean to. Gull wings are great additions to modern, smaller properties, where space is at a premium, but for those of you who prefer a slightly more unusual look.

So stand back from your property, take a look. Observe your garden. Consider your options, how much you wish to spend and which style will best fit. Then you can begin to explore the various designs of the conservatory in more detail….

Sarah Haines is a professional blogger with a passion for creating beautiful homes. Jess writes for Budget Windows, part of the Crownfold Group.