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Taekwondo holds the belief that the strongest weapon a martial artist possesses is his leg, which can strike the opposition in a number of ways. This form of martial arts stems from Korea and is composed of a variety of combat techniques, plus exercise and self-defense mechanisms. Taekwondo in Korean means “the way of the hand and foot”, indicating that it is a mind body connection. In many international organizations, the ranks are broken down into junior, senior, student, and instructor. In order for one to progress to the next level he or she must illustrate their skills to an instructor or panel of teachers.

One of the most important aspects with taekwondo is teaching students respect, honor, and dignity. Since it is based on the five point code of conduct taekwondo is centered around loyalty, trust, courage, and justice.

A key component of taekwondo is focusing on mind and body balance, this is what makes this form of martial arts perfect for any age group. Younger children can also benefit a great from taekwondo, because not only does the kicking and punching allow them to let off steam, it also keeps them in focus and under control. Since each movement in this art revolves around self-control, this principle is highlighted to each and every student.

Once they master self-control through their movements they have made a mind and body connection. Furthermore, taekwondo puts children into a situation where they are faced with some sort of confrontation, even if it is in the form of a wooden board, it is still a symbol of something deeper. By confronting this “battle” students are able to learn self-confidence and gain self-esteem.

In addition to this, Taekwondo will keep both adults and children active, it involves a massive amount of exercise and can ultimately help with one’s body image. Not to mention, the complicated movements that each student learns improves memory and concentration skills, which are helpful in the real world.

Even when the training gets tough Taekwondo pushes the principle to keep going and as students fight through the rigorous training they learn discipline and mind over matter. The ability of one to conquer the strains that may be put on the body during training is the true essence of self-control.

The principles of perseverance, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and respect are all taught through this form of martial arts. Taekwondo is more than just a style of unarmed combat; it’s a work-out regimen, mind strengthening exercise, and tool for self-improvement. It pierces the very heart and soul of every participant, it causes them to face their fears, delve deep within themselves, and overcome any obstacle.

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