The Dream Wedding on a Beach

Skip the big dress: A ballgown belongs in a big ballroom. You may be able to get down the aisle in a full dress, but taking a walk on the beach to take photos won’t be easy. Avoid large dresses unless extremely necessary.

Think light: Dresses having lace trim can be difficult to manage because they will pick up sand and debris from the beach, instead, it is advised that you always choose a lightweight fabric like chiffon so your wedding gown can flow in the ocean breeze.

Skip the veil: Think twice about getting a long veil if you are considering an outdoor wedding It will be a nightmare for your photographer if its windy outside. Instead, accessorize with fresh flowers.

Avoid heels: It is not a good idea to wear heels on sand. It is advised that you wear flat-sole sandals or shoes that won’t sink into the sand. It is important to remember that sand can get pretty hot under the sun. Have an aisle runner made of fabric or thick flower petals to help keep you cool.

Avoid tan lines: Take care of of sunburns and unwanted tan lines by constantly applying waterproof sunscreen, especially while swimming in the sea. This holds true for the bride, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom. Everyone should plan their bathing suits in advance.

Stay natural: there is no need for too much dressing in a gorgeous ocean backdrop Instead, it is important that you highlight the natural beauty of the setting. A beach wedding can be decorated about shells and starfish, and also take inspiration from the harmonious colour palette of sand, dune grasses, stones and the sea.

Add colour: To make your venue really pop with colour, choose colours that are contrasting to the sand, like coral greens and other vibrant tones.

Makes People Feel Special: The quality of a digital communication can be lacking because it’s so easy. Now more than ever, taking the time to write your special wedding invitations in Melbourne or your city by hand showing thoughtfulness that will make his or her day. If you are unsure of your skills joins a good lettering class in Melbourne or a city near you.

Go local: It is recommended that you hire local vendors as much as possible. When it comes to food, it is important to look for caterers who are well versed with the local markets and respectful of the beach environment.

Prepare your guests: Make sure all your guests know your event will take place on the beach or sand. It is essential that you mention your plans for the venue on the wedding invitation or wedding website, and prepare your guests for the sun by handing them necessary items in welcome bags. It is suggested to carry travel-size bottles of sunscreen, bottled water, towels and hand fans to beat the heat.

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