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You’ve probably receive dozens of gift cards over the years, and those cards will eventually begin to take up quite a bit of space. Here is a quick look at some inventive ways that you can put those old gift cards to good use.

Recharge Them

One of the easiest ways to keep your extra gift cards out of the landfill is to recharge and reuse them. Practically every gift card can easily be recharged online directly from a bank account. If the gift card is from a local business that has a physical storefront, then you should be able to recharge it with cash as well. Some companies will even give you bonus points and other perks if you continue adding money to their cards.

Sell Them

Many people are surprised to hear that it is actually quite easy to sell gift cards. Instead of trying to sell them individually, you might want to take a look at companies that buy up unused or partially used gift cards. Those companies usually pay the customer the remaining balance of the gift card after taking a small transaction fee. That means all of the gift cards around your home could be turned into cash within a matter of minutes.

Sign Up for Free Trials

Many companies require you to input your bank information when you sign up for a free trial, and that has resulted in countless unexpected charges. Instead of dealing with those charges, you can use a gift card instead of your ATM or credit card. Many companies allow their members to use prepaid gift cards for trial memberships as long as there is at least a little money available. Once the trial membership is up, the card is going to be declined and your membership will be canceled automatically.

Regift Them

Trying to find a gift for a friend or coworker can be extremely difficult, and that is why many people turn to gift cards. Keeping at least a few of those cards around your home will allow you to avoid last-minute shopping on birthdays and other special events. All you have to do is add some money to the card just before you give it as a gift. By doing that, you can minimize waste and save yourself a trip to the store.

Tossing out old gift cards is a wasteful practice that everyone should try to avoid. Luckily, with a little ingenuity, you can make sure that your gift cards remain useful for many years to come.