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Surprisingly brides have not always carried a beautiful bouquet of flowers just for decorative reasons and to scare a new couple out of the room when the bouquet toss comes at a wedding.It was originally used because people did not have the luxury of a hot bath or even a shower on their wedding day let alone more than a couple of times a year, so they needed flowers to give off a pleasant aroma.

The History of bathing
William Oliver Biscuit, a man I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet would like to thank, is the inventor of the bath.

The bath was said to be a great way to rub away stains, bad burdens, and to prevent diseases and injury. This may well be true but these are not the reasons that a bathtub is used today. The bathtub was developed as a public area where many individuals gathered in order to socialise with others; in the Roman times individuals of a higher social class were the ones that you could find in these local bathing areas. Those in the lower classes were believed to bring disease and filth to the public bathing areas.

As time went on people began to understand the importance of personal hygiene and baths were introduced into houses – strangely, they could first be found in the kitchen – as they were still thought of as a way to socialise. As time went on, there was the introduction of a private room to bath in; people started to see this as a way of relaxing as well as maintaining personal hygiene so they set aside a private area in the home that was dedicated to the bathtub.

As time has progressed, the bathtub as we know it today has taken on many different styles. Many have used a large bucket or barrel sized items that were filled and emptied with water once a week in order to bathe often. Fires were used to heat these large barrels inside the house and it was cast-iron bathtubs that many individuals used to use. Naturally, these bathtubs were not considered the most comfortable and by no means the most luxurious; they were merely there to serve a purpose.

The thought of only being able to wash only once a week – if you were lucky – and the water having to be shared between a whole house hold makes you realise that today’s hot steaming bath or shower is a complete luxury.

This article was written on behalf of, by Emma Jacobs.