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To better appreciate the latest updates on satellite TV, it always helps to look back on how far satellite TV has evolved since its first years of business.

How does satellite TV work?

This type of TV service relies on the signals delivered by communication satellites orbiting in space – or 37,000 kilometers above the surface of the earth.

When was satellite TV first offered?

In 1962, the first major broadcast of this type of service took place in Europe, with signals transmitted by the Telstar satellite. In 1973, satellite TV service finally became available from a local US satellite. It was used to deliver TV signals from Anik 1 of Canada.

Fast Forward to Present: Updates on Satellite TV Today

If you are wondering what you can expect from satellite TV, then here are several essential facts you should know about the satellite TV market at present.

Dish Network and DirecTV

These are the two companies considered as the largest players in today’s satellite TV industry. Both companies also offer free and immediate access to local channels for subscribers.


Both companies currently offer four types of TV packages. The most affordable package from DirecTV comes with over 150 channels as well as over 50 music channels. With Dish Network, you get 35 music channels and over 120 TV channels. The channel lineup may be shorter for both TV and music, but the monthly fee is also cheaper. It comes with a free t-month access to Showtime and HBO, too!


Hardware installation is a bit more complicated for satellite TV when you compare it to cable TV. You will need the following to start with.

  • Satellite dish
  • Receiver for decoding the signals transmitted by the orbiting satellite and sending it to your TV set
  • Remote controls for operating your satellite TV equipment

In this aspect, both companies also offer you four types of receivers to choose from.

  • Standard receivers
  • HD receivers – This allows you to view HD programs
  • DVR receivers – This allows you to enjoy a variety of recording options for your favorite TV movies and programs
  • HD/DVR receivers – This offers all the features you can expect from the 2 previous types of receivers

Hardware for satellite TV systems is offered free for you to use by both companies. Receiver upgrades are also for free from Dish Network but DirecTV requires subscribers to opt for a higher-end TV package in order to enjoy free receiver upgrades.


Installation costs are computed at a per-room basis. You can enjoy free installation for up to 6 rooms with Dish Network while you can enjoy free installation for a maximum of 4 rooms with DirecTV. Requests for installation take about 1 to 5 days to process. Installation service will include a live tutorial and guide on how to operate your satellite TV system.


Both companies also offer subscribers a chance to apply for high speed internet using their existing accounts. Speed and strength of Internet connection will, however, depend on various factors including your current location.

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