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Some people love to drive for pleasure. Other use their cars purely to get from A to B. However, there are some drivers that like to get a speed rush as they hit 100mph. All of these drivers have one thing in common; they all hate these roads…

London rush hour is a particularly unpleasant experience. Put yourself behind the wheel at 4pm on a Friday afternoon and your blood pressure is guaranteed to go up. The roads were never designed to hold all of the traffic that now lollops around the city. The triple lane roads often slip into ingle lane traffic causing a thoroughly unpleasant driving experience. If you manage to get through the monstrous snakes of back to back traffic, you are then in danger of hitting the congestion zone. This means paying for the privilege of driving anywhere distinctly in the region of central London. Driving through London makes cycling look like an amazing travel experience.

Central Rome is a romantic, beautiful city. The Coliseum stands proudly next to the Forum, giving the tourists amazing glimpses into the history of this great city. Then you look up to see a Vesper with a family of four clinging on to it, heading for you. Romans drive like lunatics. There is no giving way, no sticking to your side of the road. There is just mayhem and chaos. Romans do not allow small things such as roundabouts to interrupt their journey. They usually just drive over them. All of this action can be an absolute hoot to watch. However, driving in the middle of it can be your worst nightmare.

Goa is a sleepy state in Southern India, beloved by hippies the world over. The tourism growth has really increased over the last few years. There are loads of really pleasurable things to do in Goa such as laze on a beach. However, the more adventurous may like to rent a motorbike and meander through the local towns. A big problem, especially in the bigger towns is the total lack of road safety across the cow population. As cows are worshipped in Hinduism, they are allowed to wander at will. Which makes for some challenging driving. The fashion seems to be to drive around the cow at a nippy pace. Obviously, there are bovine related risks in performing this manoeuvre but it really is the only thing to do.


Brazil is a very good place to visit. We have all seen the pristine beaches, the flashes of carnival and the constant good times that people have there. In reality, Brazil is a wonderful country but good luck to you if you are planning on the long drive south on the pan American highway (or the Death Road as it is known to the locals). Single lanes vibrate from giant lorries that thunder along without using any brake power. A pathetic car really would have no chance against such a monster. Take good advice and fly whenever possible!

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