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The athletes have went home, the events have come to a close and the Olympic torch has officially left the country, but this year’s games have definitely left their mark – we’re talking about fashion of course!

This time last year, did you ever imagine that you would be throwing on a pair of wedged high tops, adorning your silky sweat pants with neon trim and dare I say it, donning a visor?
Ok, so you might not have went that far, but the Olympic spirit will have definitely wrestled its way into your summer wardrobe in some fashion. Perhaps you’ve found a chunky sports watch on your wrist where a sleek silver strap once rested? How about that panelled dress with the mesh inserts? Yes, even mesh has its roots in sportswear!

Sports Luxe even made its way onto this year’s Spring/Summer catwalks with Isabel Marant, Issey Miyake and Michael Kors all putting their best trainer clad foot forward. The official Team GB team kit was designed by Stella McCartney, confirming our early suspicions that these games were to be the most fashionable lot yet.

With the Olympics now cemented as a firm fixture in the fashion calendar, it is only right that we start planning our Rio wardrobe. After all, it is only 4 years to go!

The first thing to consider is flamboyancy. Rio is one of the most vibrant, exciting and tantalising cities in the world, renowned for its world famous carnival and animated nightlife. The Olympic Games will be no exception. To avoid looking underdressed/boring/idiotic, it is important to get the flamboyancy of your Rio outfit just right i.e. tipping the scale.
Headwear is imperative. The bigger and grander your headwear the better. Think feathers, fur, talons, teeth, jewels, stones and sequins. The same goes for accessories; don’t stop until you physically can’t carry any more. Body piercings are encouraged, as are tattoos to the face. Tribal make up is a must.

When it comes to clothing, however, the opposite rule applies – less is definitely more. Bikinis will be the uniform of Rio 2016. Brightly coloured and heavily embellished, it has been hinted that the athletes will opt for the thonged option to minimise bum sweat.

Last but not least, footwear. It has been rumoured that athletes will all wear Crocs in their country’s colours to allow feet to breathe in the Brazilian heat. If it’s good enough for Ennis it’s good enough for us!

If you can’t wait till Rio to get your exotic bikinis and underwear, then take a look at Bras Galore. Also, have a look here at some of the fashion highlights from 2012.