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Why You Need a Roof Safety System
Falls at construction sites are one of the most common causes of injuries at work. Crews working on a roof system should be familiar with the laws and safety procedures during construction. Construction, however, is not the only time that roofs can pose a hazard to employees. Roofs frequently house HVAC units, commercial kitchen vents, air vents, skylights and elevator equipment. Cameras, lights and antennas are commonly installed on roofs. Anytime these systems need repair or regular maintenance, somebody has to have access to them. Commercial buildings frequently have flat roofs because it makes it easier and safer to get to the equipment on the roof. Even a flat roof has hazards.

Laws and Regulations
OSHA determines requirements for working on building roofs. Both OSHA and local building departments will have codes for safety on the roof. Some insurance companies may have additional requirements. The systems used for protection depend on how close to an unprotected edge a workspace is. Skylights and similar opens have options for dealing them with a both a tripping hazard and possible fall hazard. Depending on the configuration, there may be anchor points for an employee to hook up a lifeline.

Commercial Roof Construction
Many flat commercial roofs are membrane covered to protect the roof system from inclement weather. Sometimes rocks or gravel is laid on the roof to help hold it down and prevent damage by Ultra Violet rays. Rather than walking over the membrane directly, a roof walkway is set up to get the employees to work location. This not only makes it safer for the employee, it protects the roof. The walkway gives the employee a route that avoids small tripping hazards on the roof. Walkways are available with or without handrails.

Determining Which System is Best for You
Which roof walkway system is best for you? There are several factors to take into consideration. The size of your building and the amount of equipment there is to maintain can help you decide the type of walkway you need. The amount rain and snow in your area could determine the type of weather your employees might have to endure. Wind could be an issue. There are various types of walkways, from rubber to metal tread. It saves both time and money to provide employees easy, safe access that allows them to make repairs and perform maintenance quickly.

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