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What to Consider When Buying Printer Ink Cartridges

Are you looking for looking for good-quality printer ink cartridges for personal or business use? Avoid making mistakes when buying ink cartridges, and check out these practical tips that can save you more money.

1. Minimize your expenses by purchasing printer ink cartridges from third-party companies.
Several printer manufacturers such as Canon, Lexmark, Hewlett-Packard and Brother retrieve empty ink cartridges and refill the functional ones. These companies refill the printer ink cartridges and sell these as manufacturer-branded cartridges. While this practice cut down costs for manufacturers, this has no economical value for consumers.
Third-party companies apply the same recycling process and purchase ink from suppliers where the top brands get their materials. However, the price is cheaper when sold in stores such as Office Depot, Staples, and several others. You can save a huge amount because you are buying quality products instead of being brand-conscious.

2. Check online for sources of cheap printer ink.
Various online retailers offer reasonably-priced printer Lexmark ink cartridges. They buy cartridges from wholesalers that have recycled the original or generic cartridges sold by third-party manufacturers. The price is quite cheaper, as compared to how these products cost at in-store retailers. The only drawback, though, is that some online stores charge additional fees for shipping, handling and tax. With the extra charges, you end up paying the same amount as when you purchase printer ink at office supplies retailers.

3. Save money by dropping by an ink refilling station and have your empty cartridge refilled.
Another economical option is by checking out an ink refilling station that you can find in general merchandise stores, office supply shops, or at the mall. You may need to wait for a few minutes to an hour while the cartridges are refilled. Some people do not find this quite practical, particularly when they already need the cartridge. Nevertheless, ink refilling stations only charge about $10, so this is still a great way to save money on your printer ink cartridges.

4. Consider buying self-refill kits for a time-saving and cost-effective means of refilling ink cartridges.
You may also look for self-refill kits that are available in various retail stores. The kit includes all the things you need in refilling the cartridge such as a syringe that is filled with ink. This may be the cheapest way of purchasing ink; however, it is quite time-consuming for those who are not familiar with the refilling process. There are also possibilities of creating a mess or staining clothes by using a syringe. On the other hand, you can apply safety precautions before refilling, so you will not encounter problems.

You do not have to pay more just to purchase ink for your printer. These practical and economical tips can help you save more money and time in buying a good-quality ink. However, make sure you determine the type of ink that works well with your printer. You should not compromise the quality of prints by relying on a cheap and unreliable printer ink. Lastly, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of these options, so you can find the best ink that is worth your money.

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