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There are many reasons Texas gets so much attention in popular culture. Some of them are based in myth: This state is the home of the hero cowboy of popular lore. And some of them are based in fact: It is the place where the word “hunting” is very rarely a metaphor or a euphemism for something else. If a Texan says he’s going hunting that means he’s going hunting.

Because of its larger-than-life reputation, people the world over want to be there. They want to breathe its clean air and move through its broad expanses like a native. People snatch up Texas ranch land for sale in part because they are buying a piece of the myth. But they are also buying something that’s not mythical at all: a rock-solid investment.

The following are some of the most popular Texan investment ranch types:

1.      Hunting

This type of property is especially attractive because they are located near cities—Austin and San Antonio—yet they are still out in the middle of the country, away from the hustle and the hassle. Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying the night air after having eaten a dinner which you shot and killed yourself. And nothing is more relaxing than knowing that your Texas investment property is appreciating in value as you enjoy it.

2.      Live water

These ranches are perfect for the hunter who is also a fisherman. You’re not always going to be in the mood to hunt. Sometimes you just want to spend some quality relaxation time in nature without having to worry about making noise. Fishing time is chill time. You’re still out there catching your own dinner, but you don’t need to be hyper-vigilant while you do it.

3.      Cattle

These ranches, on the other hand, are not about taking it easy. They are about raising quality stock (Texas cattle are the best in the world) and making a healthy profit. But just like hunting-and-fishing property, those that are great for cattle consistently appreciate in value. So while you’re making money selling cattle on the market, you will also be making money on your real estate investment.

4.      Relaxation

Some folks buy land just for relaxation. You certainly don’t need to be a hunter, a fisherman or a cattle rancher to appreciate a beautiful location. You might be a stargazer who wants to get away from the glare of civilization or a birdwatcher who wants his own bird-watching sanctuary. Purchasing a home in the Lone Star State is perfect for any nature lover.

This state will sure to get a piece of your heart, but don’t let it get too big a piece of your bank account. Do the smart thing and buy your home through a professional real estate broker, like Evans and Associates.

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