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The Toyota MR2 is a very popular two seater sports car that is fun to drive. There are three versions, the first of which was launched in 1984. This was followed by two more versions which were produced in 1989 and 1999. The model was dropped in 2007 but it remains one of the favourites amongst young drivers who want a sporty two seater.

The Toyota MR2 has a light weight body and is good fun to drive. The responsive engine and low driving position have made this car ideal for zipping around and having a good time. There is not much luggage space so it is not really suitable for long journeys unless you are travelling light. When the hood is up, there is a lot of wind noise so the best option is drive around with the hood down if possible.

Buffeting is minimal even on the motorway. The MR2 is small so the 1.8 litre engine which gives 138 bhp is enough to make it very fast indeed. There is traction control through the limited slip differential and this give it plenty of rear end grip. Steering is agile and overall the car is a delight to drive. However, when you drive with the roof down you will feel some flexing in the body.

The Toyota MR2: Review

Toyota has made the MR2 a delightful car to drive and you will be comfortable cruising around country lanes with the top down. The seats hug your body and there is plenty of head and leg room. One word of warning though. If you are taking luggage you may end up with it between your feet or on your knees.

The luggage space is minimalist to say the least. There is a small storage area in the front with a little glove box. A locker at the rear of the seats will hold some shopping and there is also a dash top box where you can store CDs and that’s about it.

The sporty looking interior of the MR2 is enhanced by low seats which adds to the feeling of speed. All controls are within easy reach. Rear visibility is limited when the roof is up. The low weight of the car adds to the economy of running costs and the resale values hold up well. Road tax will cost £220.00 per year and there is a three year warranty for mechanical parts. The model has twin air bags and good brakes but no traction control or side airbags. Toyota has a good reputation for reliability and this model is robust and feels well put together.

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