The World Wide Tile Web

The World Wide Tile Web

In today’s circle of decorating for the home there’s a world of change to gaze through. So many choices to think about is just one of the first problems for many. Selections are not just in the material they are made of but the decorative appearance in which the show. Today anyone can buy a tile which looks like wood but is produced in porcelain. Tiles made to appear like marble are in fact vinyl or some other material. The market for tiles has opened up to a whole new level and the possibility to purchase a look for a bargain price is fairly easy.

Ceramic Tiles—It has been known that these types have been made as early as 2000 B.C. Ceramic tiles can be found in the Pyramids and throughout ancient cities around the globe. In modern day these tiles are some of the least expensive for any home project. Often these types of tiles mimic looks like wood, marble and stone and can be a great alternative to buying the real thing.

Porcelain Tiles—Porcelain is clay or other raw materials which is fired in a kiln at very high temperatures. There are many kinds of porcelain not just with utilitarian wares but with tiles as well. Porcelain tiles originated in China and have been used ever since. In modern days these types of tiles can be costly for many homeowners. These manmade dense tiles are non-absorbent. Most tiles which are larger in size are porcelain as they are durable and can withstand use and pressure unlike others. These types of tiles are often used in bathrooms due in part to the durability. To learn more about the many types of porcelain tiles available, take a look in for a San Diego Tile outlet or any other outlet in the local area.

Terracotta Tiles—these tiles derive from the Latin word for ‘baked earth’. These tile come both unglazed and glazed and are porous. They have a history starting around 2800 B.C. The Chinese first used this material for roof tiles even thousands of years before. Today terracotta tiles are used for many uses including for roofs and walkways, gardens and walls. Aged and antique terracotta is often used to give a modern home an old world style. This tile can be unique in which the longer it’s in use the greater appearance it retains.

Mosaic Tiles—Mosaic tiles are an art of creating images or patterns through small pieces of glass, ceramic, stone and other materials. These were first seen in Abra, Mesopotamia but the Greeks were the empire which took these types of scenes to their ultimate high point. Mosaics are used in decorating furniture and pottery. Modern Mosaics add color and borders to any room desired. With multiple materials these types of tiles can be used anywhere. With modern scenic tiles the scenes are pre-made, installation is easy and they create a whole new décor for many places in the home and the exterior.

Rubber Tiles—Rubber tiles, though not a modern day invention, today are used for interlocking units that fit in garages and basements. These durable tiles come in many colors and shapes and are easy to unlock and install again in a different pattern. To find out more on these types of tiles take a look in for a San Diego Tile outlet or any other local outlet in the area.

Vinyl Tiles—These types of tiles have been popular throughout the last 100+ years. Many do not realize but vinyl flooring was invented in 1872. Its popularity didn’t come along till the 1920s. In the 1950s it was marketed as tiles and came into modern history as a glue down easy installation. The great part of this flooring is that anyone can install it, everyone can prepare the surface and within hours it can be fully enjoyed. A useful marketing tool for vinyl tiles is the fact that natural stone, marble and woods are mimicked on vinyl.

No matter which flooring is chosen it’s simply whatever attracts anyone to a certain style, pattern or ambiance. Not one person can go wrong in trying to beautify a home. Often if performed in steps or at a manageable pace flooring and its installation can be a fun job. When moving forward in a project with tiles be sure to take many avenues to find new and helpful information.

Lemmy J Howes is a builder and contactor who has now opened up his own tile shop.

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