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Three Common Things That Can Go Wrong When Sending Packages

Whether you are sending packages as part of your business or simply for personal reasons, you have to be wary as to different things that could go wrong while your package is in transit. The thing is that when you drop of your package at the post office, you won’t have control over how it is handled all the way to its destination, and there are just so many freight providers which are only too lax in their handling of packages. In order for you to avoid any regrettable situation with the mail, here is list of common problems that can go wrong when sending packages:

1. Lost packages.

Especially when you’re sending packages to customers, it’s important for the freight provider you choose to have an effective tracking system. Although most international shipping companies already support this feature, there are some with more efficient systems than others. Being able to find out where your packages currently are will allow you to keep your customers posted as to the soonest possible date that they will be able to receive their orders. Giving clients the option to track their orders also helps to erase any doubt in their minds that you might be a bogus seller.

2. Delayed deliveries.

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You don’t want your grandkids to receive their Christmas presents in the middle of January but late deliveries are very common especially during peak seasons. Your relatives might be more understanding but a customer usually is not. The best way to prevent ay late shipments is to pick out freight providers with a proven reputation for on time deliveries. Most of the time, these are companies which have a well coordinated air, land and transportation shipping network. If the former scenario applies more to your case, sending your presents in late November can also do the trick.

3. Broken and damaged.

While chances are that your packages are insured and that your shipping company will cover the cost of the damage, it’s still an inconvenient scenario that you want to avoid for your customers’ sake. Although there’s nothing you can do other than select a shipping company with the best reputation for handling fragile packages, another thing which can help considerably is selecting excellent quality packaging material to ensure that your shipments endure the rough travel that lays ahead of it. Remember that you workers won’t be handling your packages gingerly so for your shipments to endure the transit, they should be packed appropriately.

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