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A great home entertainment system can form the center of your family room or den. Every family enjoys having a high-quality system on which to play video games and watch sports games, movies and TV shows. If you are considering updating your home entertainment system, you’ll need to think about purchasing essential components such as a big-screen TV and DVD recorder. Be sure to double-check your shopping list for these five home entertainment system must-haves.

A Big-Screen Television A big-screen TV is the most essential component in any home entertainment system. You need a TV to watch games, movies and TV shows. A big-screen TV will also make your children’s video games more exciting.

Be sure to buy a high-definition TV if you want to use a Blu-ray player. Such TVs are optimized for use with your cable or satellite provider’s HD channels. You can enjoy movies and TV programs in better quality than ever before with a big-screen, HDTV.

A Surround Sound System A great home theater surround sound system brings the joy of the theater into your home. Most surround sound systems feature a variety of settings. They can be optimized for use with movies, TV shows and video game consoles.

A DVD Recorder You don’t need to miss that big sports game or your favorite TV show ever again. Perhaps you want to record a movie you haven’t seen in years. A handy, DVD-based recorder is an absolute must-have for any home entertainment system.

A Video Game Console No matter the type of games you like, a video game console is a must-have for your home entertainment system. Choose the latest console and plenty of games to ensure that your whole family gets the most out of a gaming system.

A Laptop Any great home entertainment system can benefit from the addition of a laptop or desktop computer. In addition to surfing the Internet, you can stream TV shows and movies from your laptop to your TV. Be sure to choose a laptop with a great graphics card.

A home entertainment system can be at the center of your house. Your whole family will enjoy gathering around the big-screen TV to watch a movie or sports game. Everyone can enjoy playing a fun, family friendly game together. Purchase the five essential items listed above to create the best home entertainment system possible.

Jill Burbank is a blogger with a love for all electronics.  She writes for several online publications. Follow Jill @JillBurbank2.