Tips For Keeping Your Garage Organized

The garage is an extension of your home, meant primarily for storing your car but frequently ends up being the go-to place for the storage of pretty much anything you can think of. Since garages are big open spaces, it’s easy to keep piling up random items in there to get them out of the house and know they’re still safe and close by. Whether it’s the outdoor equipment you’re not using this season or bins of toys and furniture you just can’t part with yet, these items pile up over time.

Here are some tips to help you clean out the garage and be on your way to a neat and organized space!

Designate free space

Once you clear out the garage completely, it’s time to start planning on how much space is truly free space after your vehicle or vehicles are parked inside. By doing this, you’ll be able to see how much space is left and whether you need to focus on buying storage units for the walls or if there’s additional floor space available. Knowing the available space is important, even if you don’t have a ton of items to put in the space right now, you very well could down the road. Know what’s available.

Invest in shelves and cabinets

Knowing how much floor and wall space you have available can help you determine what types of shelving to buy. It also helps to know what types of items you’re going to want to keep in the garage after going through everything you’ve been storing in there. If you have a lot of tools you’d like to store, buying hanging implements is most likely your best bet.

Storing bicycles is sometimes challenging, especially when you have a family of four or more. Consider buying hanging devices that you can use to hang bikes on so they’re not taking up any floor space and are virtually out of sight until you need them again.

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Measure the walls

When you know how many shelves and cabinets are necessary for your garage, make sure you measure out the space. Know the dimensions of the walls to avoid over buying or purchasing shelves that don’t fit within your dimensions. Making a sketch is always a helpful approach so you can visually see the space and know what works and what doesn’t.

Stack up

Whether you’re buying crates or baskets to store things on the ground or on shelves, make sure you can stack them. Stacking utilizes space the best and allows for more items to be stored in one area. Stackable crates are easily retrievable, can hold anything from sports gear to papers and magazines. Keep this space looking neat and stop wasting floor space with all these miscellaneous items.

Create a garage map

Once you’ve put everything away and the organization is fresh in your mind, make a garage map. How often do you clean and put things away and then go to look for something a week later and can’t remember where you moved it to? By creating a garage map, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to find something because you’ll have it all mapped out in front of you. Be smart about the way you fill this map out by being detailed and strategic.

While the idea of cleaning out your garage might be daunting right now, consider the advantages you’ll have once you do it. Utilizing the space you have to the best of your ability isn’t just going to make it easier for you to put your car in the garage but it’s going to help you grow towards a more neat and organized lifestyle, and who wouldn’t want that?

Jackie Ryan is a freelance writer who loves taking on DIY projects. Just recently, she re-organized her entire garage which ended up requiring the use of hand carts to remove some of her junk. Staying organized is important to her and she hopes her tips and experience can help her readers!

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