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Tips On Helping Loved Ones With Dementia Lead Richer Lives

Any form of dementia can put enormous strain on families of seniors experiencing this medical condition. There are ways to add beneficial elements strategically into the person’s daily routines. Families are often overwhelmed with the physical, emotional and mental toll that watching a decline in mental status can bring. Hope is restored when families realize that there are many ways to make life smoother. Families and other caregivers should recognize that they are not alone in this struggle. There are ways to get the support needed to keep people’s lives in balance.

Every senior deserves to live rich lives with compassion, dignity and respect. Dementia often causes profound changes in personality, health and social life. Proper medical care and education is essential to keep people functioning at their highest capacity. Caregivers can work in exercise regimens that help maintain overall well-being. Walking is an excellent idea for people that have the physical stamina. Ensure that any medical or rehabilitation aids fit properly and is used as directed. The goal is to keep the person actively engaged in enjoyable physical activities. Encourage stretching, chair exercise or range of motion daily.

Utilize creative ideas to decrease confusion, which fuels stress. Try making the person’s personal living space easy to find. A hallway with doors can bring on episodes of confusion. Add personal mementos to the wall or door that are soothing to the individual. Caregivers can make use of alarms, monitors and other technology to keep severely confused loved ones safe. Engage the individual in activities that promote focus and involves all of the senses. Gardening, listening to music, audio books, mailed cards and nutritionally balanced calm, social meals are a few ideas. Caregivers can design areas that will provide captivating views. A picture board under clear plastic, plants, pets and use of art can all be helpful.

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Families and caregivers may come to a time where they need more intensive help. There are reputable senior care services that can provide respite and day care. Night sitters, home health aides, companions and family support groups are a few of the many options available. Some senior services provide social outings, run errands, perform light housekeeping and give loving support, guidance and an empathetic listening ear. The Internet can educate, provide novel ideas and connect people in similar circumstances. Maintaining balance is essential for everyone. Seniors can enjoy their golden season living full enriched lives.

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