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Are you a beginner? Or Want to start with something that will set you on track? Then don’t miss the wonder present right here in India. Yes, it is the TajMahal.


The Taj Mahal photo shoot is not that hard, you can ace it with some preparation, a clear plan, and research. You have to be patient to get the best shots as it may not come all at once. Here are some of the tips that you might need to capture the eternal beauty-


Being one of the Seven Wonders of the World, who wouldn’t want to shoot in front of and the beautiful TajMahal? It has always been an attraction for the people in India and out as well. TajMahal is a monument of love and was erected by Shahjahan in memory of his beloved wife MumtajMahal. The monument has highly raved in India as well as admired universally.

Where and when to shoot at The TajMahal?

You photographed that “One Shot” in your head? Yeah, everyone wants that shot too; the TajMahal’s quiet reflection in the foreground, the gorgeous white marble structure in the background. Somehow, it still takes your breath away, no matter how many times you’ve seen that classic shot.


As the TajMahal is in its full grandeur during the morning, the most preferred time to click it is in the day. The rising sun in the east clearly hits the monument and the gold and orange hues are reflected on it. But, you can also explore it from various angles and capture the best possible view.


When to preferably visit The TajMahal?


There is no particular time when you have to visit one of the wonders of the world. But as Agra gets too hot and dry during the summers which last from April to June with the temperature rising up to 50° C, the best time to be there is in the winters. During summers make sure to hydrate your body to avoid sunstrokes.


As for the monsoons, they last from July to September. During this time it may not be appropriate for the photographers to visit and click pictures as the rains may pose some limitations.


The most pleasant weather to visit TajMahal is during the winter season i.e. from October to December or before the summer, from February to March. During this time the climate is clear, cool and gentle.



Thus,your agility will add to the TajMahal photo tour when you are pretty much there. But! But! when you are present there don’t forget to get mesmerized by the outstanding beauty that it is. Do not miss on the intricate marble carvings and inscriptions in the Arabic. Appreciate true story that goes behind every corner of the monument. Being ahead of its time, the monument is indeed a mind blowing one. You cannot forget it once you’ve been from there. It will just add to your treasure trove of happy memories.