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The best things in life are free, and so are the most beautiful sights. We’ve taken a look at the most extraordinary waterfalls in the USA and, with much deliberation, have chosen the top 3 that are nothing short of sheer magnificence.
3. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington DC

If you’re in Seattle, head 30 miles east for a glimpse of the 270 foot waterfall. It’s a popular wedding destination, sees more than 1 million visitors a year and famously appeared in the television series Twin Peaks.
Complemented by a gift shop and a 2 acre park, Snoqualmie is an ideal destination for a family picnic. Hiking at the falls is a rejuvenating experience – descending more than 300 feet, the trail leads you through a rainforest with possible views of the beautiful wildlife (best to have your hiking insurance with you!). It is believed by the traditional Snoqualmie Tribe that the falls is where the very First Man and First Woman were created by Moon the Transformer.

2. Yosemite Falls, California

Image courtesy of chensiyuan. CC BY-SA

Undoubtedly one of the most well known waterfall attractions in the world, Yosemite Falls is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It consists of a three stage drop: Upper falls, middle cascades and lower falls spread out over 2,400 feet, making it the fifth tallest waterfall in the world.
It often flows from winter until mid summer but the perfect time to visit is during spring, when the waterflow is at its peak and the famous moonbow can be seen. The rewarding 7 mile hiking trail leaves you enchanted with its beauty, urging you to stop every now and then to simply take in the majestic view. If you’re a fearless rock climbing enthusiast, tackle the Lost Arrow Spire – a detached pillar – located right by the Upper Falls.

1. Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Elegantly cascading over 600 feet downward, Multnomah Falls’ cool waters spurt throughout the year. Located a short distance out of Portland, the stunning waterfall drops in two stages: an upper and a lower fall.
Benson Bridge, named after Multnomah Fall’s previous owner, stretches across the falls offering a breathtaking view in between the fine spray of cool mist. A peek down the bridge may leave you feeling dizzy as you look over the gushing waters drop approximately 69 feet! Native American lore suggests that the Multnomah Falls was created for a young, beautiful princess who wanted a secret location to bathe out of everyone’s view. As such, the falls can only be properly seen when within the ‘viewing area’ vicinity – a carved out entrance from a rock face.

This article was written by Saajida Akabor, who writes for Essential Travel: providers of hiking insurance; travel cover for multiple sports.

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