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A lot of people want to experience the wild and oftentimes crazy NYC nightlife. That style of New York lounge can be found on nearly every street corner and in every hotel. If you’re looking for a great, low key lounge, New York is definitely the place to be! You just need to know where to find these awesome gems hidden among the wilder clubs in the city.

11th Street Bar
Although the 11th Street Bar is marketed as an Irish style of pub, it really isn’t quite what you would expect in a traditional Irish establishment. You won’t hear a bunch of people belting their rendition of Danny Boy but rather experience a wide range of English and Irish brews. This wonderful bar has exposed brick for a warm and comfortable atmosphere and even has a signature drink, the Chocolate Cake in a Glass. This is a must try for chocolate lovers but you must know that it is really potent!

Latitude Bar and Grill
The Latitude Bar and Grill is a really great spot to hang out with your friends, enjoy some killer drinks and shoot a game of pool or two. The bartenders and wait staff are really friendly and attentive but not at all intrusive. The laid back yet stylish atmosphere will surely make the Latitude Bar and Grill one of your favorite bars for kicking back and having a good time.

Brother Jimmie’s Bar
For those looking for a hometown type of lounge New York Brother Jimmie’s is the place to go. Few people expect to find such a relaxed and down to earth bar like this amid all of the hustle and bustle in NYC. Brother Jimmie’s offers great yet affordable food and a wealth of drinks that will surely please everyone.

Jekyll and Hyde
Jekyll and Hyde is a beer lover’s paradise and offers a wide variety of beer from all over the world. For those who are looking to find a New York lounge that is a bit off the wall and left of center, Jekyll and Hyde is the place to be. It’s a little spooky and a little eerie but it is loads of fun. The food is great and the drinks seem to be unending so Jekyll and Hyde is truly a great bar for relaxing in the city.

Ava Penthouse Lounge
Those seeking a New York lounge that is a bit more upscale the most, Ava Penthouse Lounge is the place to go. The décor in this high end bar is both impressive and unforgettable. The panoramic views are absolutely breathtaking. Ava Penthouse Lounge offers their guests an impressive wine list as well as a huge selection of rare and exotic beer. For a relaxing and spectacular evening, be sure to visit Ava Penthouse Lounge.

Valerie M. is a travel writer writing about New York Nightlife. She wrote this article for XVI New York Lounge.