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On average, we walk up to 10,000 steps a day, which works out to close on five miles.

We have 250,000 sweat glands in our feet…which in a day can produce half a pint of moisture.

And – unsurprising news for women everywhere – the female of the species is nine times more likely to suffer from cold feet than a man.

Brasher – renowned throughout the world for their walking shoes and hiking boots – have taken all this information on board…and have come up with a range of gender-specific, seasonally-adjusted socks to cushion your feet, keep them warm, and – most importantly – keep them perspiration-free, wicking away sweat before it has a chance to take hold to ensure they stay fresh, dry and comfortable at all times.

From trekking in the Himalayas to walking the dog in the local park, Brasher have a range of socks for every need, many made from pure Merino wool or Merino Wool Ultra.

Wearing wool to eliminate perspiration sounds like a contradiction in terms…but it has proved the perfect solution to keeping warm and remaining dry across a wide range of temperatures.

Merino is a super-fine wool that is incredibly soft and kind, especially to sensitive skin.

Supreme Warmth-to-Weight Ratio
Naturally anti-bacterial to banish odours, Merino socks are perfect for multi-day activities, with a supreme warmth-to-weight ratio and high breathability factor.

Merino Wool Ultra has the same benefits but even more so, with its unique twistless construction offering 30% less friction to prevent blistering, and a 30% faster drying time.

Brasher socks made with Merino Wool Ultra are also nearly one third lighter, and will absorb moisture 30% more quickly to repel perspiration.

Brasher’s 4-season socks are designed for the coldest temperatures, suitable for expeditions to the Himalayas and winter days in the Lake District, guaranteed to bring enhanced warmth and support when temperatures plummet.

Their 3-season socks are suitable for spring through to autumn wear, perfect for long days on the hill, while their 2-season range guarantees high levels of moisture and temperature control during warmer weather in spring and summer.

  • Women really do suffer from the cold in their extremities more than their male counterparts.

They have four times more ‘cold receptors’ in their feet than men, making them nine times more likely to suffer from cold feet syndrome.

Brasher’s gender-specific socks cater for this anomaly – recognising that men’s and women’s feet do differ, and optimising the design, construction and yarn selection accordingly.

Nicki Williams is a copy-writer for on-line sports specialists Gear-Zone, where you’ll find everything for the outdoor enthusiast from leading brands including Brasher, Rab, The North Face and Berghaus.

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Picture source: Gear-Zone/Brasher