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In intense heat the mere notion of wearing a thick leather garment seems absurd not to mention highly impractical. However, for a biker the utmost issue of concern is safety and security. Keeping in mind the needs of bikers who live in tropical areas, motorcycle apparel manufacturing companies have designed the sort of apparel that can be comfortably worn all year round, without causing the slightest inconvenience.

Aside from the hippie street like aura generated by biker jacketsthey are in mass demand due to the protective function performed by them. Listed below are some of the attributes of motorcycle jackets that make them an ideal wear for summer, spring and fall.

1.      Mesh Jackets
These jackets are manufactured from top-quality breathable fabric that facilitates free circulation of air to the entire upper torso thereby, preventing the body from heating up to dangerous extremes. These motorcycles jackets are particularly popular amongst bikers who have low heat tolerance and hence, higher chances of suffering from a sun stroke.

2.      Removable Insulated Liner
For motorcyclists living in hot and humid zones, motorcycle leather jackets that have removable insulated liner would be the most recommended choice! If on an otherwise cold December afternoon the temperature unexpectedly soars up, you can easily remove the jacket’s interior lining and comfortably proceed towards your rendezvous.

3.      Jackets Manufactured From Cowhide Leather
By far, spring and fall are two of the most awaited and adored weather conditions all across the world. And there’s nothing like an adventurous ride in spring to regain your vigor for life! A motorcycle jacket that is manufactured from cowhide leather will offer you the protection and coziness that is much craved in spring.

4.      Nylon Biker Jacket
Womens motorcycle jackets that are manufactured from nylon not only look sleek and athletic but have ventilation flaps that make them must-have motorcycle apparel item for amateur and professional bikers alike. These jackets are also ultra-light and therefore, can be comfortably slipped on or taken off in a matter of seconds!

 5.      Shoulder and Elbow Impact Protectors
The common feature underlying the jackets manufactured from pure or synthetic fabric is the presence of shock-absorbing foam pads in the elbow and shoulders region. In fact, men motorcycle jacket has a foam padding inserted in the back as well; these pads are particularly beneficial for sport riders who consistently face the danger of falling off the bike or skidding off the road.

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