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Thereis no denying that online marketing tools have had major impacts in the online business world, thanks to the continued use of the internet. In some quarters, it is believed that online marketing will replace the use of offline marketing. Even then, a combination of both offline and online marketing can increase the performance of your business significantly. Given the unending competition, it is imperative for a business owner to arm himself with effective marketing tools in order to connect with their target customers in the best way possible. Here arethe top five marketing tools that can take your marketing campaigns to new heights.

Pay per click advertising.
Pay per click advertising is without a doubt one of the best marketing tools that guarantee immediate results, thanks to its unique characteristics. It is also the most lucrative and effective way of providing your website with instant traffic. Alongside that, the other outstanding feature that makes this tool stand out is its flexibility and ease of control. Having this marketing tool in your arsenal gives you an upper hand since you are able to control how much you spend in an attempt to increase traffic to your website. Most importantly, you can target your customers from any corner of the world.

Target link building.
The trick to starting an effective link building campaign is to know the quality of your website. The major advantage of link building is that it helps your web pages rank high in major search engines, thereby increasing traffic to your website. Since you want to be seen and recognized by potential clients, link building is an effective way of establishing your reputation and creating your own online brand. Even though it is a very effective tool, it can fail to deliver desirable results if not well used.

Brochures and flyers.
These are marketing tool that any business can not do without. However, effective brochures and flyers must be visually attractive and must contain a link to the company’s website. The beauty is that flyers are cheap and easy to design. Even though brochures are a little expensive, their marketing power is worth the price. They are also easy to design and use.

Catalogues are primarily used to display website details in a marketing campaign. Since most of them are printed to the highest quality standards, most clients and potential customers tend to keep them for quite long. And since they are used mainly for direct marketing, many people choose to do their shopping by the use of catalogues. This explains why they are still effective marketing tools.

Custom printed stickers.
The popularity of stickers is increasing every single day, at least if the number of businesses using them are anything to by. This is because printers are affordable and very versatile; they can be designed in different shapes, colours and materials. Customized stickers are very effective in promoting products or services of a given business, thereby helping in increasing profitability.

Online marketing tools are superior because they increase production and profitability while spending less money. Offline tools, on the other hand, are preferred given their long history and immediate results. Whether you are introducing a new brand in the market or promoting your existing ones, the above listed marketing tools are necessary instruments for effective marketing.