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Most people don’t immediately think of Ford when thinking about James Bond’s car of choice.  The Aston Martin DB5 is generally considered the most famous vehicle in the Bond franchise. However, Ford has been a major force when it comes to having their cars featured in the movies. Let’s take a look at some of Ford’s most famous autos in the Bond movies.

International Spies Prefers The Ford Mondeo
James Bond usually drives exotic cars such as Porsche or Aston Martin but that changes in Casino Royale where we can see the international spy cruising around in a stylish Ford Mondeo. The Mondeo is available in the U.K and Argentina.  Unfortunately the Mondeo isn’t available in America; U.S buyers can opt for the similar Fusion.  The U.K version is available in 4 different trim levels; Edge, Zetech, Ghia and Titanium. The Monde featured in the movie can currently be viewed at the National Motor Museum in England. Other Ford cars featured in Casino Royale include the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Crown Victoria’s are frequently used in real-life by U.S police departments due to its durability and powerful eight cylinder engine. The Crown Victoria was designed to withstand hard driving and less likely to spin out due to its rear wheel drive.

The Ford Edge Makes An Appearance In Quantum Of Solace
The Ford Edge, a crossover SUV also made an appearance in Quantum of Solace.  The model that made its way on the big screen is hydrogen powered. This was a great opportunity for Ford to announce to the world that it was working on producing a series of hydrogen fueled vehicles (including an Edge model). This SUV is available in a total of 4 trim levels; the SE, SEL, Limited and Sport. Standard features for the SE model includes AC, an audio system and slick 17” wheels. The SEL is equipped with an adjustable driver’s seat, a CD system and a steering wheel appointed in rich leather.  The top of the line Sport model comes with sweet goodies such as Ford’s SYNC system, chrome wheels and the ability to fold down the rear seats for extra storage space.

Bond Girl Revs Up The Ford KA
Let’s not leave all of the fancy and fast driving to Mr Bond. Bond girl Camille (played by actress Olga Kurylenko also has a bit of fin with the Ford KA; a compact sedan that is even smaller than the Fiesta.  The on-screen Ka vehicle featured metallic gold paint and one-of-a-kind graphics. The KA was built by both Ford and Fiat and is based on the Fiat 500 platform.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – McCoy Mills Ford carries the Ford Edge; a crossover SUV that made a grande appearance in the flick Quantum of Solace.