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Honey, just call the plumber!  A common scene depicted in countless movies and television shows.  Having indoor plumbing is now a way of life in the United State.  This modern convenience have made life much more simple, however when things go wrong with the plumbing in our homes, the result can be anywhere from a small inconvenience to a big smelly mess.

It is important for homeowners to learn to recognize small plumbing issues before they become bigger issues.  These are some of the most common plumbing issues and a few ideas about how to prevent, avoid, or fix them.

One of the most commonly depicted plumbing problems is the leaky faucet.  The incessant drip, drip, dripping can be enough to drive a person crazy, not to mention what it can do to the cost of your water bill.  Usually a dripping faucet is the result of a simple problem.  As our faucets age the washers on the faucet wear out and prevent the handle from closing all the way allowing water to still drip slowly through.  To avoid this problem, never slam the nobs or turn them too hard when you are turning your water on and off.  You will eventually need to replace the washers or the faucet.  Many people attempt to replace faucets on their own and still end up with dripping.  Contacting a professional plumber to perform the installation will ensure the job gets done right.

Sometimes the problem is not in the water delivery but the drainage system.  Kitchen and bathroom drains can become clogged when debris builds up in the pipes below the drain.  The plumbing in your home is only suitable for waste water.  Solid objects and even grease can build up in your pipes and cause major plumbing issues.  To avoid clogged drains, always throw all food waste, especially grease into a garbage can, not down your kitchen sink.  If your sink has a garbage disposal attached a regular stream of cold water is needed to properly breakdown food and allow it to move smoothly into your plumbing pipes.  In the bathroom make sure you have drain covers on your shower or bath tub and always remove hair and dispose of it in the garbage.

Toilets are another source of plumbing issues in our home.  Toilet problems can be messy and also add significant amounts of money onto your water bill.  The first sign a toilet is in need of a parts replacement is the sound of running water.  Water should only be running in your toilet when you flush and immediately following while the reserve tank is being refilled.  If you notice the sound of running water constantly, there is a problem.  A toilet that is leaking water can be an even more serious problem.  Sometimes the shut off mechanism that tells the water to stop filing the tank has been damaged and this is a fairly easy fix, however, calling a plumber to assess the situation can save you from a flooded bathroom down the road.

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