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Finding the perfect job that matches our qualifications as well as interests is really hard and most of us spend our lives working on projects that we’re not at all interested in. That’s the reason most people are in search of new jobs even though they’re already working. So, let’s take a look at some of the top iPhone apps that would be able to help you out in this endeavour.’s iPhone App
When it comes to searching for a job, is one of the most popular and you’d find some really amazing job opportunities displayed here. Their iPhone app helps bring you jobs that you’d truly be interested in and that’s done by eliminating jobs that aren’t in your field of expertise. It’s not going to find you your dream job all on its own – but, it’s a great way to start.’s iPhone App has an app specially designed for the iPhone and it’s a great app if you’re looking for a job in a specific locality. Monster isn’t as famous as it used to be and there are fewer job listings on the site today than there were previously. But, why miss out on a great opportunity? The app is free and hence it’s totally worth installing it on your phone.

Career Builder
This is yet another free iPhone app for job hunting and it’s offered by another major job site. It’s similar to the app by monster; but, you should still have it installed. You may wonder why install this when you’ve got other similar apps on your phone. The simple answer to this question is the fact that not all job opportunities are going to be placed on a single job hunting website.

Craigs List
This is probably one of the most popular job hunting portals and it’s flooded with not just jobs but other offers as well. It’s not the best job hunting site out there, but if you’re in search of a job at a specific location – preferably a huge metropolitan city; then, this free app would be a boon.

Pocket Resume
If you’re looking for the perfect job, there’s a lot that needs to be done. You can’t just browse through jobs right? You need to pick one and apply to them as well. But, in order to do this you’re going to need to have a well written and formatted resume.

This app is one of the best in these aspects as all you need to do is provide the information and it takes care of the formatting and layout.

These are just a few of the top apps that people use in order to find themselves the perfect job. There are plenty of other apps to help you out, some focus on finding the jobs for you whereas others help you grab them. Among the many different kinds of iPhone apps available on the app store you’d find some that help you with your job interviews and others will offer you helpful advice.

Nancy Sharma is a recruiter focused on IT recruiting. Over the years she has delivered execptional services to a nuber of clients and at present she works as an independent recruiter with a number of executive search firms Australia.