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No one wants to have a break down and no one seems to think it is going to happen to them. For this reason many of us put the idea of breaking down to the back of our minds and don’t properly address it, which then means that you can end up getting caught out and not being properly prepared for the situation when it happens.

While it’s not something you want to think about then, facing this possible reality and preparing for it is the smart thing to do and will mean you’re in a better position to cope if and when it does eventually happen to you.

Having the right equipment with you for instance can make a huge difference. Here then are some things you should make sure you have in your car which can be a huge help in the case of a breakdown.

Spare Tyre: A spare tyre is highly useful of course for any tyre based issues. If you’ve had a puncture or if your tyre I coming off, then being able to attach a new one yourself will mean you can set off on your way as soon as possible.

Car Jack and Wrench: However unless your name is Bruce Banner, you’re not going to be able to change your tyre on your own. Here you are going to need a car jack in order to lift the wheel off of the road, and you’re going to need a wrench in order to remove the tyre.

Jump Leads: Jump leads are used in order to allow you to share your juice with another car or vice versa. If your battery has run out leaving you stalled in the middle of the road, then using jump leads it will be possible to get a boost from a passer by which can give you enough energy to get going again. If you don’t have jump leads yourself then you’ll need to hope that someone driving past does.

Extra Fuel: Having an extra fuel tank is very handy for situations where you get caught out with no petrol or if you have a leak in which case it can be just enough to get you somewhere safe where you can address the problem. Likewise having extra water and oil can also be useful.

Torch: A torch can be highly useful for a number of reasons – not only to help you find your way around and stay safe when you’re outside of the car if it’s dark, but also to let you signal for help, and to see into the bonnet of the car to see what you need to do.

Gloves: Having a thick pair of leather gloves is a good idea to help you avoid hurting your hands while you’re working with your car and to give you more grip when you’re using the wrench etc.

Car Manual: Make sure you have your car owner’s manual in the glove compartment. If you don’t you can probably order one from the manufacturer or print one out online – and you’ll be surprised how useful these can be.

Numbers: You should also keep a list of useful numbers in your car from the number of a mobile mechanic to the number of your insurance policy.

The author of this article, Alexander William is a car blogger and expert who loves to share his views through guest posts.