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All across the United States, people are tightening their belts and paying their bills in any way that they can. As anypawn shop owner will tell you, the situation is no different in state. Business is booming for these businesses that will purchase your unwanted merchandise or will offer quick and easy loans on the items instead.

Don’t just bring anything, however. There is no demand for some of your items such as clothing, furniture or most sports equipment. While pawn shops value you as a customer and will give you good value on your items, they are still a business and will only take items that they have a reasonable chance of reselling. Here are some of the best items to bring to your local pawn dealer:

Precious Metals and Jewelry
Gold, itself, is always in demand, and you will always receive a competitive price at a pawn shop. Unlike gold dealers who will only give you the “scrap” value for gold jewelry, a pawn shop can often pay more if the metal has additional value as jewelry. The same factors apply with other precious metals like silver, platinum and palladium.

High Tech Equipment
Many consumers who overspend on the latest technology can always recoup the majority of their investment by pawning their flat-panel TVs, laptops or other high tech pieces of equipment. Pawn shops will keep your merchandise safe and secure but be sure to remove any personal information form items that you do not plan on retrieving. The same advice goes for smart phones, tablets and even Kindles.

Power Tools
The poorly performing economy has led many Americans to do many of their own home repairs. This has led to a strong demand for used power tools at the country’s pawn shops. Power drills, chop saws and even lawn mowers are welcomed at almost every pawn shop. So, kill two birds with one stone; clean out your garage and make some quick cash by pawning those never- or under-used power tools that you got as a present.

Musical Instruments
It is almost a rite of passage for a struggling musician to have to pawn his instrument. We hope you are not in that position. Nevertheless, another source of ready cash is to pawn your unused musical instruments. Instruments never go out of style, are usually well maintained and are one of the most desirable items that you can bring to a pawn shopA good musical instrument always bring top dollar.

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