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There are many little things that homeowners can do to improve the value of their home. It may mean replacing some fixtures, painting the walls or doing some other inexpensive project. One of the best ways to increase the value in your home without doing a complete remodel is by updating the flooring in your home.

Choose Your Style and Color
When you finally decide to put new flooring down into your home, you must make certain that you have the right choice for each room. The floor that you choose should match the decor of the room, and it needs to be the color and style that you enjoy. One of the biggest mistakes that some homeowners make is buying the wrong color for the room. This creates a lot more updating to make the room match the new floor. Wise buyers will get to a store and bring home some large samples of carpet or hardwood. This truly is the best way to make certain that everything will fit together in the room.

Flooring Functionality
The other primary thing to consider is how the new floor will function in the space. It is probably not the best idea to put carpet in your kitchen, bathroom or other area of your home that is more prone to spills. These rooms should probably be covered with some form of wood, bamboo, tile or linoleum. There are many options available for kitchens and bathrooms that will make the room look great and provide easy clean-up. The rest of the home is really up to your discretion. The simplicity of hardwood and engineered hardwood is really gaining in popularity. A simple search through the internet or on Pinterest will give you many great looks for your rooms. Some people have put hardwood throughout their entire home. This is always a good look, and it is very simple to clean and maintain. Most bedrooms have carpet in them because it typically gives more of a comforting feeling to the space.

The Cost of a New Floor
The cost of new carpet and a pad will be based upon the square footage of the room and the product that you choose. The wood flooring is really starting to come down in price, and there are many other products that look like hardwood but are actually less expensive. The engineered hardwood and real hardwood is priced differently based upon the type and style of wood that you choose. Many discount floor stores can offer you a great price on some great wood. Hardwood floors can now be self-installed. This reduces the overall cost of the project.

A new floor can transform any room in your home. You need to find the color and style that you prefer. Do your best to match it to the room, and you will save even more time and money. Make certain that the floor is appropriate for the room, and shop around for the best price.

Mike Walts is an interior designer and real estat consultant. His track record of closing sales is thanks to year of experience remodeling homes for resale. When Mike is working on a project he always turns to Avenue Interiors Design Center No:191, Umm Suqeim Road Mall of Emirates 04 340 8955