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Buying a luxury watch can be an important decision, almost on par with buying a car or a top designer handbag. A luxury watch is something you want to keep for life, it’s an indispensable possession that you are going to carry around with you pretty much every day!

Here are the top luxury watch brands and a bit about their backgrounds.

Tag Heuer

Where it all began

Heuer Watch Company was founded in Switzerland in 1860 by Edouard Heuer at the tender age of 20, it was set up as a watch workshop. The company was soon to be succeeded by his two sons Jules-Edouard and Charles-Auguste who took it upon themselves to run, grow and expand the company. Little did they know that 150 years later the watch brand would be one of the most renowned in the world soon to be endorsed by celebrities including the President of the United States.

Where it’s at now

The brand has come a long way since its started – in the mid 1960s Heuer was partnered with Breitling and Hamilton and introduced the world’s first automatic chronograph.

With 150 years of expertise watchmaking it comes to no surprise that the brand has celebrity endorsers such as Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton and Uma Thurman just to name a few.  Since then the company has won awards for it’s innovative watch designs and in 2009 Tag Heuer opened the worlds first 360 degree museum in Switzerland which is where the company is headquartered.



In 1905 two brother in laws founded “Wilsdorf and Davis” in London – a company to import Swiss watches over to London. The business was rebranded as Rolex in 1908 and an office was opened in Switzerland.

In 1910 Rolex was awarded the world’s first wrist watch chronometer rating and in 1928 The Rolex Prince became a bestseller featuring a dual dial and rectangular case.

Today’s Rolex

Rolex is probably the most renowned watch brand in the history of watches, ever. Nowadays more than 200 craftsmen and technicians will contribute to the work of a Rolex before it can obtain Rolex certification. Rolex really is the leading luxury watch brand relying on 4000 watchmakers in over 100 countries, the success of this brand is quite frankly an astonishing achievement. The brand is recognised all over the world – the watches are really something many strive to achieve and save up for years to obtain one of these watches.

Whether you want a watch for practicality or for luxury and fashion, It’s worth researching into watch brands to find the ideal watch for you. It may take years of saving but a watch can be kept for life, to carry with you every day everywhere you go.

Written by Zoe, a keen author who enjoys writing about fashion, brands and jewellery