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You have dreamed of building your own home for years and your dream is about to come true.  But what do you really know about the actual process of building a home?  There are a number of important steps that your home builder Victoria crew must take complete, in a specific sequence, before your house is finished and ready for you to move in.

From the Foundation Up

  • Site preparation/pouring the foundation: the custom home builder Victoria crew clears the site of debris, rocks, existing unusable concrete, or trees; once cleared, the site is leveled.  The prep crew places wooden forms on the cleared site as a template for the home’s foundation.

Transforming Land and Materials Into Your Dream Home

Following the prep work, the concrete is poured.  Once the concrete is cured, the construction crew applies a waterproofing membrane to the foundation.  Drains, sewers, water taps, and plumbing are installed.

  • Inspection #1: City inspectors must evaluate the foundation work that has been completed so far.  After the inspector approves the completed work, the construction crew removes the forms and the framing phase begins.
  • Rough framing: this is the process of constructing the floor systems, walls, and roof systems.  When rough framing is completed, sheathing is applied to exterior walls and roof, and the windows and exterior doors are installed.
  • Rough plumbing, electrical, HVAC: Siding and roofing are installed after the rough framing is completed.  Teams of electrical and plumbing contractors run the pipes and wires through all interior walls, ceilings, and floors.  Sewer lines and vents are installed and bathtubs and one-piece shower-and-tub units also are installed.

All preparatory ductwork for HVAC, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and furnace are installed.

  • Inspections 2, 3, and 4: these inspections are required to evaluate and approve all work that has been completed since the first inspection.
  • Insulation:  insulation is installed to make your home comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Drywall, interior textures, exterior finishes: following installation of the insulation, the crew hangs the drywall, textures and applies a primer coat of paint to it.  Any exterior finishes (brick, stucco, or stone siding) also are installed.
  • Finishing touches: all interior finishes are completed including doors, moldings, wall treatments, and decorative trim, etc.  Hard-surface flooring and counter tops are finished.  Exterior driveways, walkways, grading are completed.  Mechanical trims (light fixtures, outlets, switches, and the electrical panel are completed; the HVAC equipment and registers are installed; toilets, sinks, and faucets are put in installed.
  • Inspection #5: the building code official completes a final inspection and issues a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Final walkthrough: you and your custom home builder Victoria representative walk through the finished home so you can be introduced to the features and operation of systems and components.  You also will learn about maintenance and upkeep, warranty coverage.

It will take about seven months to construct your home, depending on what prep work the site requires, weather challenges, re-inspection requirements, and other factors.  The steps listed here are only a brief outline of what will occur.  Trust your custom homes Victoria professionals to work with you through every step, to ensure that your beautiful home will give you comfort and pleasure for many years.