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Situated in the Arabic gulf-Persian gulf, Bahrain stands as an islands lapped by the clear blue waters and the sandy beaches. The king Fahad cause way opens the coastline of Bahrain deep to its heart-Manama city! Away from its breathtaking beaches, the island offers an Arabic and civilization feel (from the ruins to the state of the art world trade centre!) Bahrain boasts of having ultimate destinations such as the Bahrain museum, the Bahrain circuit, tree of life and the Manama world trade centre. Manama-a city in Bahrain also serve as the seat of the Arabic league. Here is a list of the best destinations in Bahrain.

Ultimate Destinations To Visit In Bahrain

Manama World Trade Centre:

There exist various ways of accessing the breathtaking building. From the coast of Bahrain you can take a boat through the king Fahad cause way, the rest is walking distance. Well, on the other hand if one opted for air transport, you will see its sky bridges even before the plane touches the ground! Yes that is the Manama world trade centre standing over 700 feet from the ground. It a modern skyscraper and use wind turbines for power generation. The building has won many prestigious awards owing to its unique architectural design!

Tree Of Life

The tree of life has stood in a desert of sands for over 500 years! It was ranked as the world’s seventh wonder of nature. Still in Jebel al Deckhand is the mountain of smoke-an ideal camping site. The mountain of smoke is an elevated hill just a short distance from the tree of life. Many tourists flocks the mountain of smoke for camping; you can as well find camping sites and hotels in the region!

Bahrain National Museum

Most of the treasures of Bahrain are stored in the archives and galleries of the Bahrain national museum. The museum is located at a great site and it overlooks the sea-you can get a glimpse of the sea while still in the museum. After some hours of learning the Arabic culture take a break and have a cocktail in one of its restaurants. The museum also has record of ancient Korans and other Arabic documents-an ideal place to learn the Arabic culture!

Al Khamis Mosque

The mosque dates to the 7th century and is the oldest religious site in the entire Bahrain Island. The mosque is located near the sea and one can hear the rhythm of the waters as they push the coral walls of the museum! The mosque also boasts of colorful and wooden interior, after visiting the oldest mosque you can as well visit one of the new and largest mosque-Al Fatehgrand mosque!

Bahrain International Circuit

As you wind up your day, you can visit the Bahrain international circuit to watch the fastest cars or the Bab Al Bahrain-yes this is a must visit place. It is an ancient market where gold and pearl traders from as far as Africa would meet to transact!

The relieving bit to all travelers is the introduction of the Bahrain evisas; this is a new online platform where all travel documents are processed and eligibility questions asked. Rather than visiting the embassies, all you have to do is scan you documents! This saves you on money and time spent at the boarder or the embassies!