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For effectively allowing the sunlight to your home without any harmful effects, a window with a tinting is highly significant. This window film is used effectively to get yourself protected from the harmful sun rays and also protect your furniture including your floorings in your home from fading and thereby provide a pro-longed life of this furniture. This type of coating the windows acts as a shield and protects your home to a greater extent.

This protective shield or coating in your home protects you from the UV rays of the sun and also protects you from the attack of the vandals on your glass. The vandalism which involves the purposeful destruction or damage to your home by the vandals is a highly frustrating one, which costs the residential property owners a fortune in time and money. This vandal resistant anti-graffiti window tint offers a very effective and economic solution and protects from permanent and expensive damage to the windows without affecting the appearance.

The windows are the best source of ventilation for any home. The rays from the sun enter your home through the windows where in you get exposed to the heat from the sun which can highly affect your health. The residential window coloration is the most effective way to protect your home or residence from the adverse effects of the sun. It also helps you in protecting your valuables like furniture from fading offers a longer life to the furniture.

Usually the tint in the windows is designed to eliminate the solar heat, decrease the fading and add a valuable layer of protection to your home. You can effectively get protected from these without any visible sign and does not affect the look of your home. You can enjoy the view of the outside world from your window in a secured and safest way with the help of these window film fixed to the windows.

Protection against UV Rays

For Furniture

This residential window coating effectively eliminates the ultraviolet radiation. Since these UV is the main source of fading of your furniture, it can effectively prolong the life of fittings and fixtures. There are also specialized window tints available which reject larger levels of heat and visible light in addition to UV.

For Health Effects

Very few people recognize they can maintain sun damage indoors rather than taking sun safety precautions highly outside. It is a known fact that the UV radiation from the sun can damage the skin and lead to skin cancers UV is effectively blocked by the sun tinted glass.

Uses of the Residential Window Covering

These window tints have a wide range of uses which includes reduction of Heat and Glare, heat insulation, Filtration or rejection of the UV rays, safety, Privacy, Decoration, Graffiti protection

Useful For Decorative Purpose in Your Home

This type of window tinting is widely used for decorative purposes. These films append an eye catching decorative element to your home and offers practical solutions to problems caused by unhindered windows. These decorative films add a touch of class and elegance to your rooms and give a unique style and décor to the room where you have these beautiful tints attached to the windows.

This room looks different from the rest of the rooms in a unique fashion and so you can add this window coating to all your rooms and make a lovely looking house altogether. You have the option to choose these window coatings from a variety of style and design in a much lower cost.

Useful For Anti- Graffiti Protection for Your Windows

You can effectively protect your windows with the splendid anti-graffiti window film. This is a coating that prevents graffiti paint from bonding to surfaces. You need not want to spend much money even if you become the victim to the vandals tagging the glass on your home by the use of tools, acid or paint to replace your residential windows. The film can be easily removed and replaced without any damage to the glass which is underneath.

This graffiti film protection can be installed in all kinds of mirrors especially windows. This type of window tinting can be easily removed which can effectively eliminate the need for expensive glass replacements. The cost incurred is also very less for removal or replacing of the window tint.

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