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Sinister Diesel, the brain child of the founders Michael Mitchell and Brian George, is an online high performance, diesel parts supplier. Sinister Diesel, originally named MKM Customs, has established partnerships with high quality brand names such as H&S Performance, SCT, ARP, Bull Dog and S&B.

Mr. Mitchell and Mr. George are car guys and they know what other car guy’s want. They speak the same language and through their experience, have invented some of the language. They can relate to guys and gals in the market for parts and kits for their vehicles and that makes the exchange so much easier.

Sinister also manufacturer’s their own brand of diesel parts according to their own vision about how parts should look like and perform. The parts are available in metallic blue, which Michael and Brian call Sinister Blue. This assures the customer of the highest quality of parts and kits.


The diesel experts at MKM, not only build and test their own products, they are also available to assist the customer will questions or concern about diesel products. The sales staff is knowledgable about diesel engines and parts and trained to help customers choose just the right part for their vehicle.

In addition to individual parts, MKM also offers kits. The most popular kits are the EGR Delete Kits. The kit allows the vehicle owner to eliminate the EGR system, both the EGR valve and coolant. EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation. Vehicle manufacturers lowered the NOX emissions by allowing the exhaust gas into the engine intake. The combustion temperature is lowered along with the NOX emissions, but the intake system becomes clogged with the soot that normally exits the exhaust system. The CO2 is the same CO2 used by plants for food. As the CO2 continues to build, it takes a toll on the engine wear and tear and reduces the engine power. The repair of EGR can be costly.

The EGR Delete Kit, by Sinister, eliminates the process and allows the gas exhaust to avoid the engine intake. That keeps the engine clean and keeps the engine running at optimum levels. The kits can only be use on off road or farm vehicles.
Sinister diesel at carries all EGR kits and will help the vehicle owner save money on repairs in the long run. The cost of the kits is less than the cost to repair the problems brought about by excess CO2.