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Rapid Advance is not merely a term which is used in business. It’s a sort of lifeline which helps various businesses to revive through funding. It is gaining so much popularity for the simple reason – approval rate is high, terms and conditions are not complex and assistance to advice how to run the business is offered. Another added advantage of it is the advance which is offered as the loan program. There are different advance loans for different kind of businesses. Understanding these and knowing them is one aspect which every applier must know. Here are some of the basic features of these schemes, just to know what all these are about. Here’s a snap of them.

Business Cash Advance

This kind goes for completely unsecured funding. There is no point or upfront fees. This one is good one for those who have made huge loss in business and are in no condition to offer any kind of security. The condition over here is that the businessman must have owned the business for at least one year. Minimum processing volume is $3,500 per month. As per rapid advance reviews, even this fund is good.

Starter Advance

This is the kind of advance which requires no collateral for loan approval. Payments too are flexible which means you can pay as you have within the stipulated time period. However there are terms with it: this kind of advance is given for a short duration; that is only for 3 months. It also requires that the applicant must have owned the business for at least 3 months, with 3 months of processing volume. Maximum amount which can be assigned here is $10,000 per month. As per the Rapid Advance reviews, small businessman should go for this kind, if they are really in need of money. It is called Starter Advance Package.

Flexible Small Business Loan Program

In this kind of scheme, repayment is a sort of fixed daily ACH (Automated Clearing House). The repayment amount is calculated off your gross sales and not on your credit card receivables. The term of loan over here is 6 months, which means you have to repay the advance amount within a time period of 6 months and not even a single day over. Terms and conditions of approval include one main condition: Applier must have owned the business for at least 4 years .The minimum processing volume here is $5000per month. Again as per the rapid advance reviews, it’s a good scheme. Small business enterprises can go for this one. By all means, they will be benefited by it.

All the schemes described over here are a snapshot of the actual scheme. If one is interested in going for these, then one must visit the center and get details about these schemes. One can also apply for any of these online and get a free quote. That’s the best way out. For further details, one has to walk into the office and get the required information and services offered!