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Many people may think of a construction site and see muddy cranes and other construction equipment. This is something that is all to common and there is a way to prevent this and help to prevent the destruction of the environment by using products like crane mats, that leave a minimal impact on the environment. Many of these products help to prevent the destruction of the top soil. This helps to leave a lot of green space intact so that it may prevent run off into our streams in rivers; run off that kills fish by depleting the oxygen levels in the water.

Different types of crane mats to protect the environment
There are several different types of crane mats and their uses are similar in purpose. They are used to protect the top soil from being carried away by construction equipment. This is something that happens often, and can be prevented. A crane mat does not have to always be used for cranes; it can be used to help to move equipment across distances of green space leaving the plants intact.

Some of the mats that are available can be to place the mats on the feet of machinery and some can be quite large and provide a path for machinery to move across without harming the top soil. There are a lot of different sizes, which is the main difference in many of the crane mats available. You may want to use a crane mat that is made of lumber or a composite material. These are all options to have in mind when choosing the crane mats that you want to use for you next project. Many of the same companies that you buy crane mats from can also provide pipeline saddles and skids.

Why using matting is so important in protecting the environment
There are many reason why it is important, but it does not have to be just about the environment. Using these products can also allow for a cleaner job that is well done. It can also help to extend the life of very expensive machinery, by avoiding unnecessary damage due to dirt and mud. The best reason, is to protect the environment and leave it a pristine as possible. This helps to protect wild game, as well, as allow reforestation a a much faster rate than with land that has been stripped of its top soil.

Garnett Wood Products manufactures crane mats, swamp mats, and pipeline skids to protect the topsoil from boing damaged by heavy equipment. This timber wood products company prides itself on making quality equipment that is used all over the nation.