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When things go wrong in life or life seems to be crumbling, the first instinct for many people is to run, run away from it all. Everybody’s been there. Everybody’s experienced the worst life has to offer at some point in their life. Perhaps, that natural instinct to run away is the reason why those who try to help in times of trials say “you need a vacation.”

Vacations are the best type of therapy when facing difficulties. It’s that time to escape, to run away, to leave all the troubles behind. Not only does a vacation or traveling in general give the opportunity to escape, it also allows the freedom to be anyone you want to be. It’s a way to leave reality and relax.


Stress is so prominent in life today which only leads to more problems. A vacation is the best way to seek peace and quiet, to de-stress and just enjoy life. However, it’s imperative that the stress or source of the stress is left at home. Taking the stress along on vacation defeats the purpose and doesn’t allow for obtaining the peace and quiet needed, nor does it allow for the relaxation needed to feel rejuvenated.


Normal, everyday life is rigorous, scheduled and unimaginative. People get up, go to work or school, deal with traffic and attitudes, come home, make dinner for a family with different tastes, referee children’s spats and then go to bed only to get up and do it all again tomorrow. Traveling and vacationing is the time to simplify life. That means leave the schedule at home. Some people set an itinerary for their vacation. Why? It’s a vacation; it’s supposed to be fun. Throw away the itinerary and just experience the surrounding environment. Whether surrounded by the beach, the mountains or an open highway, the simplicity of life without an alarm clock and a time clock may be the first step in vacation therapy.


Let’s face it. Everyday life is not fun, generally speaking. Leaving that life behind, traveling and going on vacation is the time to let go, kick up your heels and have fun. The main goal in any type of therapy is to help deal and cope with problems so that life can be enjoyed. Therefore, a vacation is great therapy as it’s the time to step away and really enjoy life. Sit on the beach and listen to the crashing waves, hike the mountains and breathe the fresh air or drive through the back roads of the countryside. Whatever travels or vacation destination chosen, it’s simply the avenue to relaxing and having fun.

With medical costs skyrocketing, professional therapy is not an affordable option for too many people. However, without some sort of relief from life’s dilemmas, many begin to break down and wear down. For these reasons, traveling or vacationing is the best and most affordable therapy there is. It’s a unique and memorable way to rejuvenate and refuel mentally, physically and emotionally. So, take that vacation and enjoy life, because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

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