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The average working class consumer sees the rich and the famous on television all the time. There are entertainment and award shows that are highlighting the wardrobes of these stars. Anyone that has been a spectator to the wardrobe of these stars would have assumptions about their clothing. Most people would assume that they would naturally have the best in designer clothing simply because they have the money to afford it. It may be true that these stars, athletes, and businessmen have wealth that gives them options. It may be misleading, however, to assume that all rich and famous people have taste.

There are definitely some wardrobes that are looking better than others. People may have money, but money clearly doesn’t equate to style for everyone. Some of the people that are truly putting their money to good use are discussed below.

Kim Kardashian
We might all love to hate her, but here’s one person that knows how to work a runway. The great thing about Kim is that she still knows how to dress even when she’s not being spotlighted at an awards show. She has been seen on nightly talk shows like Leno and Letterman in some beautiful ensembles. She has a curvaceous body, and the firm fitting dresses compliment her style well. The way she dresses isn’t for everyone, but you’ve got to give it to her: she knows her target market and how to get them hot under the collar.

Jessica Alba
Another womanthat could be a poster child for best looks in 2012. Jessica is one celebrity that has remained fashionable even during her pregnancy. She has appeared on the cover of lots of different magazines wearing some of the sexiest attire known to man. There are times when she is spotted by the paparazzi doing normal everyday non-celebrity types things. Many people look a mess during these times, but Ms. Alba is still keeping her style intact even when she’s off the red carpet. This everyday style conscious mind state makes her one of the best dresses celebrities for 2012.

Chanel Iman
Often seen in garments that are not her own; this is the life of a model. It’s easy to look good when someone else is dressing you. Fortunately, Iman has picked up a thing or two from the designers that dressing her. She is often seen out on the town looking very chic and hip. Her slender figure is perfect for the different skirts and her killer heels that she often wears during a night out on the town.

Sean Parker
Another youth stylish person that is getting a well deserved spotlight at the moment. Mr. Parker is not a celebrity as such, but he knows quite a few of them. Parker is the billionaire mastermind behind Napster, a program that was the original platform that launched P2P music sharing. Sean has a lot of friends in the music industry, and lots of his stylish attire emulates the rock stars that are part of his social circle. He’s young, and his style represents the new young hip business profession. There are times where he combines a vest and a tie with jeans and sneakers. He has redefined what it means to be a businessman. He may be brainy, but he’s definitely a very stylish geek.

Noelle Greenwood is the beauty and the brains behind leading Australian online fashion store, Accessory Heaven.