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Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time to tie the knot. Not only is the weather easier to deal with, but a Thanksgiving theme can also be very unique. Whether it begins with choosing a fall color scheme or ends with using pumpkins throughout the design, you can create a wedding that everyone is sure to remember. Here are a few tips on decorating for your Thanksgiving wedding.

Choose a Fall Color Scheme
There are so many beautiful colors you can incorporate into a Thanksgiving wedding color scheme. Whether it’s the colors of a burning bush or the beautiful orange of fall leaves, you can create a color scheme that is rich and gorgeous. When it comes to metallics, you will want to opt for gold, copper, or oil-rubbed bronze. You can also liven up the color scheme with fall flowers, such as mums.

Incorporate Nature Into the Design
There are a number of ways to incorporate nature into your Thanksgiving wedding. You might add small potted mums to your reception tables, use branches throughout the church, use fall leaves in place of flowers for the flower girl to toss, or even opt for an outdoor wedding among the fallen leaves.

Have Fun with Fall Leaves
Fall leaves can be incorporated into your design in a number of ways. However, you don’t have to use actual leaves, which might be messy. Instead, you can pick up packages of cloth leaves at your local craft store. These can be casually tossed on the dining tables, made into garland for the church pews, or even dropped around the podium.

Turn Thanksgiving Treats Into Party Favors
Another fun way to decorate is to turn your favorite Thanksgiving treats into party favors. For example, you might have a bakery create mini pumpkin pies or give away caramel apples to your guests. Best of all, these little treats will look so good sitting on the tables in the reception hall awaiting the guests.

Use Pumpkins Throughout the Design
Last, but not least, what would Thanksgiving be without pumpkins? Mini pumpkins can be used on the dining tables as place card holders, you can use hollowed out pumpkins as lanterns, or you might even use hollowed out pumpkin to hold mums as a centerpiece on the tables.

A Thanksgiving wedding is a very unique option that allows couples to create something different. Whether you’d like to start with a fall color scheme or use pumpkins throughout your design. The idea is to simply have fun and use decorations that make you and your partner happy. These are simply guidelines to get your creative juices flowing.

About the Author: Keila Vandevsen was married in October and had a blast incorporating fall colors and designs into her decor. She opted to go with Estate Weddings & Events to find the perfect location and used lots of warm colors to bring her day together!