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There seems to be a business for just about anything, and the recent popularity of lice removal companies just proves this theory.

What are lice?
Lice are small bugs that live in a person’s hair. They tend to live very close to the scalp so that they are not easily seen, and they can easily be spread from person to person who come into close contact with one another or who share clothes, brushes or pillows.

Lice are not harmful, but they are a major nuisance. Their small size makes them hard to see, and nits (lice eggs) look just like dandruff but contain a sticky substance that allows them to firmly hold onto a person’s hair.

One major sign of head lice is an itchy scalp. Lice feed on human blood, and the itchy feeling that people receive with head lice occurs when lice bite their scalp.

How is lice treated?
The only way to treat head lice is to remove all the lice and the nits from the hair. Lice do not need other lice to reproduce, so even having one louse in your hair can turn into an onslaught.

There are a few different ways to remove lice. The most popular way is the use of over the counter treatments. These treatments contain a substance that is placed in the hair and then a small nit comb is used to comb through the hair and remove the lice and the nits. The problem with over the counter treatments is that they barely work, and they’re actually quite poisonous to humans because they contain pesticides.

There are also homemade remedies that people use. Placing mayonnaise or olive oil in the affected person’s hair and combing through it with a nit comb is also a popular remedy that costs much less than over the counter treatments and is much cheaper.

And then there’s the latest lice treatment craze, and that involves hiring someone to come and remove the lice for you.

Why are lice removal companies becoming popular?
If you’ve never had to go through the process of removing lice from someone’s hair, you won’t understand how time consuming it can be. Combing through a person’s hair can take hours, especially if the hair is long and thick. If you miss just one louse, you’re not going to cure the infestation. Some people simply don’t have the time and patience to do this themselves, and some women have realized that they could make some decent money by becoming a professional lice remover.

Armed with a homemade remedy and a nit comb, becoming a lice remover does not have much overhead, making it very easy for women to start the business. You don’t need to have an actual location for your business, as a health inspector will not pass an establishment dedicated to removing lice. This means that you’ll need to make house calls (or treat people in your own home).

You can also make a nice sum of money as a lice remover. Most women who start these companies charge a base fee for their travel time, and then they charge per hour. Depending on your location, you could charge anywhere from $30 to $100 per hour for your time. If you have a decent amount of clients, you could make a very decent living.

Lice have been around for hundreds of years, and they continue to plague schools all over the globe. Many women have realized that there’s a demand for lice removal, and so they have made the small investment and are now making a very nice living by providing a much needed service to the public.

Lucy S. writes for Franklin’s PC, visit the company’s website to learn more about their work.