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Leadership and leadership development are both substantial parts of business and throughout the corporate world effective leaders are constantly sought after to help companies achieve their full potential and growth targets. The difference that quality leaders can make to a business can be immense; consequently however an ineffective leader can also prove very dangerous and have a detrimental effect on a business. But with the goal of differentiating a good leader from a poor leader, what qualities is it that effective leaders exhibit?

Humility is an easy characteristic to fake but as with most things of this nature the truth -and in this case the traits of a person, almost always come out! Someone who is humble and less likely to let ego dictate their strategies and consequent successes is essential. Humility can be a hard quality to come across though, especially after a few successes have accrued; ego has been boosted, reputation increased and expectations raised – keeping a humble opinion and maintaining a positive but realistic outlook if this situation arises can be tough and takes a strong personality and sense of self belief to accomplish.

Open mindedness
As someone climbs further up the career ladder and they gain more status they can begin to believe that all their actions are best and that they are in a sense, invincible. It’s something that can happen very easily and again, requires a strong mind to prevent it and ignore any “yes men” that may be present. A good leader is able to listen to those around them and have suggestions made to them, accepting these and thereby allowing them to make and keep making good decisions that will support the goals and ethics of the company.

Problem solving
Although a good leader has heightened awareness both of the self and the situation, problems are an inevitable part of running a company and will occur. Facing these head on and solving them with a clear mindset and with sound methods that uphold the values and interests of the company is something a good leader will do. It’s easy to be a good leader when things are going well, however the hard times; the tougher times are when a leader shows their true qualities. Strong and effective problem solving is a key quality therefore and one which an effective and successful leader should always display.

Financially conservative
With a little encouragement, some persistent sales people and a big budget it’s easy to overspend, which leads to higher costs and more pressures on the company simply to stay afloat. Someone that can’t be swayed by the glamour and bonuses that come with achieving a high level of success in the corporate world is an ideal leader, being on budget and making decisions with this in mind is vital to ensure a company maintains a good reputation and a positive balance sheet.

Striving for improvement
Although we should all take time to enjoy and appreciate our successes, in terms of evolution and continual progression someone constantly looking to improve and achieve can make a good leader. Ambition therefore is a favourable quality, it’s only when this becomes unbridled and unregulated that the result can be negative.

Good communication
Having ideas and visions for a company is great and communicating to your team around you that you need to help make the vision come true is a vitally important part of the process. Being a good communicator can allow others to see and get excited about your vision, ultimately helping it to come true.

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