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If you are looking to build the world’s most secure house, all you need is $7.25 million! This is the price that one man has paid in order to build the world’s most secure house. While other homes have resorted to using panic rooms and a few more locks here and then, one house has made the effort to be different from the rest. It is a panic house, if you will.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the world’s most secure house is that it is both secure and luxurious all at the same time. There are 360 degree views available. The house is also covers 8,000 square feet and it has 32 rooms. Families could make their home in this place. With a generous spread of 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 2 offices, a wine cellar, a mini home theatre, and what have you, one could really not ask for more. But despite all of these amenities, what really makes this house stand out are its security features.

The house has two panic rooms that are hidden as well as two safe cores that are invisible. What are safe cores? These are pods that are in isolation from the rest of the house. Whether an intruder comes in or natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes occur, this is what the safe cores are for. It also offers protection from nuclear and chemical elements. Needless to say, the house is also equipped with a wealth of surveillance devices including but not limited to motion sensors, CCTV cameras, alarms, automatic lockdowns, and calls to police, etc.

If you are interested in living in this home, you may reach out to the Hurwitz James Company in Beverly Hills; CA. Al V. Corbi is the designer and builder of this home.

While it is understandable that most people will not be able to live in the home mentioned above, there are many measures that one can take in order to make their home safe. Here are a few:

  1. Install a CCTV system. The invention of CCTV systems has truly changed the landscape of residential and commercial safety and security forever. Countless criminals have been caught and apprehended due to this very savvy and useful invention. Make your home a safer place by installing a CCTV system that allows you to see the outside of your home. Choose a discreet place that burglars would not think to look.
  2. Use motion sensor lighting. Motion sensor lighting is great as one is able to catch potential burglars off guard. It also allows you to see who is prowling outside your house in the middle of the night or when it is dark outside. These are great for scaring off potential robbers.
  3. Always check your doors. Before you leave your home, brief each member of the family. Everybody should be careful to lock the doors upon leaving the home. If it is on your budget, you can purchase a universal one-lock system for your home. These usually come equipped with alarms as well to use in case of emergency. The police will immediately be notified and called to your home.
  4. Be wise when going on holiday. If you are going on holiday, ask the postman to stop sending your mail as this is something burglars watch out for. Accumulated mail in the driveway is a no-no. Ask somebody to housesit for you if possible. Unplug everything to stay safe from potential fires and leave the blinds as is. Leaving them down the entire time is suspicious and will only attract burglars/intruders.

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