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As summer becomes nothing but a distant memory, it is often only when we are caught in a blizzard or freezing temperatures that we realise we are dreadfully ill-prepared for the winter. If your winter wardrobe has not yet entered your thinking, we have put together this list of winter wardrobe essentials for men to ensure that you are not caught short when the snow begins to fall heavily.

Try to avoid the temptation of going for the thickest coat or the warmest looking jumper, too, as they will likely leave you looking unstylish, which is never a good look!

Keeping Warm

The first thing you need to do in the winter is make sure that you are able to keep yourself warm at all times. What better way is there to do this than with something as simple as base layer? It might not be glamorous or the first thing you think of, but ensuring that you have that in place will mean you can think style all the way with the visible part of your outfits.

Speaking of style, let’s move onto the fun stuff.

Winter Footwear

Men quite often get themselves a jumper, coat, and a nice warm hat, then step out in the same shoes they have been wearing all summer. Which generally means canvas or suede. A good idea headed out into the rain and snow? Of course not. If you aren’t already sporting leather on your feet, now is a good time to ensure that you have adequate protection for your feet in the winter.

Buy them now so you have a little time to break them in before you need to move quickly to avoid a nasty snow shower.

Getting Knitty

Of course, as we’ve alluded to throughout this article, the key pieces of men’s winter styling are to be found in the form of knitwear and winter jackets.

When it comes to knitwear, the choice is yours between a jumper of a cardigan – there’s just a few rules to follow.

  • Avoid longer cardigans that come down to your knees and are belted. Even women shouldn’t wear these – it isn’t a dressing gown!
  • If you go for a jumper, go for browns or orange colours, pick patterns around the shoulders and upper chest if you go for this style of knitwear.

Complete With a Coat

The winter coat is the big essential, and as the top layer it will go a long way to defining your whole look. Our advice would be to put some extra money aside for a stylish parka jacket, in khaki or navy blue, that will last you for years to come and give you a real edge in style, comfort, and warmth this winter.

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