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People Too

When people become popular celebrities, we seem to forget that, actually, they are, somewhere in there, normal people just like the rest of us. For some strange reason, we also forget that they had a childhood and at one point probably enjoyed doing the innocent and pointless things that we all did ourselves, or watch our own children do today.

Unless, of course, they were “child stars” such as Britney Spears was, or Michael Jackson, but we digress.

Hearing about the lives of people before they became famous is often more interesting than following their lives now. We looked at some celebrities’ favourite childhood toys, and wondered if they are any reflection on the people we know today.

Lindsay Lohan

Go on, get all of the jokes out now.

Once you’ve settled down, you will probably be shocked to learn that Lohan’s favourite toy was a glow worm. We’re not sure if she became reacquainted with this for comfort during her time in jail, but least it shows that she wasn’t always the wild child we so often see today.

Alyson Hannigan

No, Hannigan didn’t really head off to band camp every summer. In fact, she was a bit of a tomboy when it came to her toys. While her favourite was Lego, she also loved Hot Wheels cars and action figures.

It wasn’t all construction and racing however, she has admitted that she had something of a Barbie doll addiction in her earlier years. Perhaps now she has moved on to more glamorous and stylish dolls and keeps them as collectables.

Mike Tyson

It will perhaps be no surprise to learn that Mike Tyson loved his action figures way back when he was a youngster. He-Man and She-Ra were his favourites, a liking that he incidentally shares with OJ Simpson and Martha Stewart.

The less said in regard of that, the better really.

Mark Zuckerberg

It is often said that children who enjoy playing with and can easily solve the Rubik’s Cube are obviously geniuses. When you look at what Zuckerberg has achieved in his young life, it is difficult to argue with that perception.

Many, especially some Americans, may think otherwise if they were to learn that Barack Obama was also a fan of the same toy.

What They Say

We’re sure that there is probably a psychologist somewhere that could make a link between the toys and the people, as well as what they have achieved in life and where they are today. Unfortunately, we’re not that qualified or scientifically minded. Maybe it would be better if they just all played with dolls instead?

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