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Fall 2012 Collection of Female Biker Jackets
The Fall 2012 collection of female biker jackets launched by Neiman Marcus– the luxury retail store- featured trendy, elegant and sweltering leather jackets by Donna Karan, J.W.Anderson, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen and other esteemed designers from all over the world. These jackets have already hit all the major leather motorcycle apparel outlets! These jackets are not only ravishing in appearance but are unquestionably durable and hence, guaranteed to last a considerable while. If you are a college sophomore who- unlike the vast majority of students- has an enviable fashion sense, investing in one of these jackets would be one of the best decisions of your college life; these jackets will provide you unfailing comfort till your graduation year and perhaps well beyond that!

What makes designer motorcycle jackets strikingly exceptional? Some of the defining features of these jackets are discussed below.

1.      Crash Padding
Amongst all the different varieties of apparel for motorcycle, a motorcycle jacket is most significant in terms of providing protection to the delicate regions of the upper torso. The padded surface reinforced in the elbow and shoulder region, minimizes shock-intensity directed against these vital organs in the event of a crash. This crash padding fitted in designer jackets has time and again proved instrumental in preventing shoulder, clavicle and elbow fractures.

2.      Free Mobility of Arms
Aside from the best fabric quality offered by a designer leather jacket, the easy mobility and facilitation of free arm-movement provided by these jackets also accounts for their insane popularity! Branded motorcycle leather jackets provide state of the art fitting that does not hamper an effortless movement of the limbs, thereby generating exceptional comfort and ease.

3.      Adjustable Waist Straps
An observable feature of motorcycle jackets women is the availability of an adjustable waist strap- one that enables a female biker to adjust the jacket’s fitness according to her body shape. An exquisitely fitted jacket not only provides additional warmth in winters but also enhances the overall attractiveness of the wearer.

4.      Radium Lining for Increased Visibility
Branded leather motorcycle jackets designed for certain professionals such as police officers have radium lining for providing increased visibility at night. Such jackets have led to a significant drop in the number of bike accidents that occur at night.

5.      Vented Jackets
Certain types of designer motorcycle jackets for men are vented in order to allow breathability. Also referred to as mesh jackets, these apparel items look both casual and formal and hence, serve as the ideal upper wear for every occasion! Moreover, in case of a drastic change in weather, these jackets can be easily folded up and tucked in your motorcycle luggage compartment.

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