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We have been hearing the term “eco fashion” for quite some time and it is literally an environmentally and ecologically sustainable fashion; instead of a fad or trend that can be brushed under the carpet or washed away in no time. We can also see it as fashion, such as footwear, aftershaves, perfumes, accessories and clothing that are made and worn with environmentally-friendly ways in mind. But what does it really mean? This could mean a number of things, such as:

What Is Eco Fashion

Fashion produced based on organic materials

Fashion produced with excess fabrics or recycled materials

Fashion produced with materials not usually used for clothes

Fashion produced with materials that can give something back to the environment

These are rough definition of eco fashion and by adopting this principle; it is possible for designers to make their labels and brands to appear to a wider target market. In fact, a growing proportion of the have started to embrace products related to “eco fashion”.

The next question is what will happen with eco fashion? Some argue that it will merge and blend with regular fashion and others argue that eco fashion is more expensive due to the unusual use of methods and materials. Like any businesspeople, smaller economy of scale would reduce profitability and anything they sell will become more expensive.

We could only hope that eco fashion will continue to move mainstream, so the overall costs can be reduced. As eco fashion continues to be seen as a niche in the fashion industry, small producers may suffer as a result.

Proponents of eco fashion always try to push this trend to the mainstream, because it only benefits them, but also the planet. To achieve desired environmental results, eco fashion must become a mainstream. Regardless of what we do, it is important to take positive actions, because stopping our efforts can be seen as ecologically damaging. We should work together to achieve positive things.

Both small start-ups and multi-billion dollar corporations should adopt eco fashion concepts in producing fashion products. In the end, we won’t be too surprised if commentators, reporters and other experts eventually say that eco fashion has gone mainstream.

There are steps we can do to make our business operations friendlier to the environment. We should take positive actions and acknowledge the responsibility of taking care of the Earth. Obviously, we can’t expect companies to stop their operation because their usual operation is usually seen as damaging ecologically. In fact, even oil companies can take steps to make their operations friendlier ecologically.

Eco fashion isn’t just an idea, it would work only if the majority the market is willing to jump on the bandwagon. As consumers, we should participate in this movement and it is very possible for eco fashion adopters to become as fashionable to others around them.

Eco fashion is an ideal way to ensure brighter future. It is about moving forward together, instead of criticizing others’ effort. In our quest for success and sustainability, we should be somewhat farsighted. However, we shouldn’t lose sight of key values as our chosen niche continues to grow.

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