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Many people have chosen marvellous safari wedding and honeymoon. With proper preparation, this style of wedding could guarantee unforgettable memories and a celebration of love. We could spend the day with unique breakfast followed by drives to the savannah, indulgent massages and evening cocktails. There is assortment of options that should suit our requirements. We could prefer any kind of ceremony, outdoors or inside a uniquely styled building. As the African sun melts into the plain, we could dance gracefully among the guests.

After the wedding ceremony has ended, it is a good idea to spend a few more days in Africa to enjoy remarkable honeymoon. We could watch a group of zebras drinking from nearby river or waterhole. The magical honeymoon safari could simply be unforgettable, as we want something more than just typical honeymoon experience. There are unlimited options we can get from safari destinations, due to the diverse options of private reserves and wildlife parks.

Why You Should Choose Safari-Style Wedding And Honeymoon

As an example, the Kruger National Park is a vast 65,000 hectares sanctuary for many animals. It is a spectacular habitat for the Big Five, as well as wild dogs and hundreds of other animals. A honeymoon safari is usually consisted of game viewing trips where we have the opportunity to get close encounters with wild animals. Bird enthusiasts could also be delighted in many parts of Africa as the continent is a home to hundreds of bird species.

Some national parks have excellent accommodations and offer plenty of opportunities to experience amazing encounters with wild animals in a pristine natural environment. One amazing thing about honeymoon safari is that there is ample time for couples to enjoy themselves in a unique African surrounding. Also, we could enjoy so many special treatments. Honeymoon safari packages offer us with services and special treatments.

Many honeymooners are treated like royalty in Africa. They could stay in wonderful suites and enjoy cold beverages while enjoying their time in comfortable viewing decks.

During honeymoon safari, we could usually enjoy morning game watching on open-topped Land Rovers. We usually wake before first light and the kitchen provides us with some coffee and light breakfast. This should energize us for the wonderful morning. The local game rangers should be experienced enough to share us their knowledge about the area. They will treat us mid-drive teas and tasty snack, once we arrive to an area to stretch our legs.

We could also join night drives, since this is a good opportunity to get a glimpse of nocturnal species in the area. They often roam the plains of Africa once the sun already sets. This is also a good opportunity for us to enjoy a wonderful in Africa with our spouse.

More adventurous people could also participate in walking safaris with personal trackers. This allows us to experience Africa in more intimate detail. Experts will teach us ways to identify different tracks of animals and the encounter with surrounding animals can even be more thrilling.

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