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Despite often being carelessly taken lightly, head injuries are matters that ought to be held in serious regard. An injury to the head could very well be an injury to the brain and it is this for this reason that treatment must be sought immediately following any such accident. Aside from ensuring a trip to the doctors is arranged, there are a number of steps that can be made to soothe and even help heal the injury. Here then are some tips on what to do when you have a head injury.

This is really what you should do with any injury. When it comes to head injuries however, the nature of the rest is somewhat different. You don’t only want to be resting your body but you want to be relaxing your mind as well.

This means no tasks that are heavy on the brain, requiring lots of concentration.

Use an Icepack
The old icepack trick will forever be used in the advent of all types of injuries. The coldness of ice reduces the pain and inflammation of injured areas. Therefore rest an icepack on the part of your head that is most painful or swollen.

Don’t Smoke or Drink
The problem with head injuries is that it can damage the brain. Therefore the last thing you want to do after suffering from one is risk damaging this vital organ through taking in substances that are known to harm the brain further.

We all know that alcohol kills brain cells. Less known however, is the fact that nicotine also destroys brain cells and stops others from being produced.

Refrain from smoking and drinking for at least 24 hours then and preferably until you’ve seen a doctor and have been given the all clear.

You’re free to take paracetamol in the advent of a head injury and it is even recommended to do so – as long as you’re not allergic of course. Also advisable, if your body doesn’t respond negatively to it, is Ibuprofen which will help reduce inflammation and swelling as well as any pain.

Know Your Rights
While this doesn’t really go into the category of medical advice, it is your right to sue or seek compensation if the injury was the fault of another person. A head injury solicitor can be sought to support your claim if this has been the case.

Don’t Drink Too Much Water for Your Headache
Headaches are natural following head injuries and you needn’t worry too much if you suffer from one – as long as you’re on route to being seen by a doctor soon. What you should not do in the meantime however is drink lots of water to soothe the stress.

Drinking too much water can lead to brain damage, and with you being most vulnerable to brain damage after a head injury it is most advisable to stay clear from drinking too much.

Aim to drink no less and no more than six to eight glasses of water per day.

Peter Richards is a British freelance writer and health specialist