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Traditional wardrobes tend to be too small and cramped to even fit all of your clothes in so storing anything else in there would be an impossible task. This is where fitted wardrobes come in.

Fitted wardrobes are a creation made to do nothing other than benefit. You can store anything from your longest coat, to your socks or Christmas presents and everything can be kept in complete uniform order.

Everyone needs more bedroom storage and fitted wardrobes can be made to fit any needs into pretty much any space. They are the creator of space. From a small space you can gain a wealth of storage possibilities, from hanging space to shelving to shoe racks and everything in between. There’s no need for drawers and dressing tables with fitted wardrobes, it can all be built into one unit.

As for what’s in a fitted wardrobe, everyone wants to know. Everyone wants to see the immaculate layout of a fitted wardrobe. You could have every pair of shoes spread across a rack or in individual compartments so you can see everything you’ve got. All of your towels could be positioned by colour in separate sections. Or you may have just thrown everything in there, although that would defeat the point – at the sight of this people would recoil in horror – to see such an organised space being used for such a disorganised purpose would be incomprehensible.

Whether you have a perfectly straight wall or you have uneven coving and out of proportion plastering, a good designer would be able to solve this. Once everything is in place you wouldn’t know what was behind them – or in them for that matter. Fitted wardrobes can even be made into an entire room, if you have a spare room that is.

So, with a new space for your towels, every piece of clothing you own, your shoes, your Christmas presents, your make up, hair straighteners and hair dryer even all of your jewellery. You can now plan what you are going to do with all of your extra space, after all you will not only have extra space in your bedroom, you will have gained space in the bathroom and probably many more areas of the house. The money that you will have saved on buying fitted wardrobes to put everything in, rather than having to buy small storage units for everything means you could give you house a new look or buy yourself a new outfit to put inside your fitted wardrobe.

Blog post written by Dave Amson for, manufacturers of great bedroom furniture units.