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Before they invented the internet, and before it became available to every household, the best, most accurate and, frankly speaking, only way to record information exactly the way you want to was through print. Words, images and all sorts of clues that we uncovered about the past were all thanks to some form of pint. Of course, we have come a long way since manually drilling holes into stone in order to draw an elephant. Today, we have all sorts of technologies that we use to convey a message, a thought, an impression… Although you can read things online, somehow, when you have the paper and ink in front of you, the whole reading experience is more personal – more tangible, literally speaking. In the following text, you will be able to see some recent inventions in the printing industry.

3D Printers

This is something that has to be mentioned. Imagine how abstract 3D printing would have been in a not so distant past – in the 1980’s for instance. These printers can manufacture objects – real-life, three-dimensional things. You can read about them and find out how they work if you read this Wiki article. As far as actual 3D printers are concerned, one of the most recent and most efficient piece of equipment out there is the Cubify CubeX Trio – a 3D printer that has 3 colors already, but, unfortunately, you have to pay extra for the additional two cartridges. Nevertheless, you can print yourself a basketball. Check it out for yourself:

What's New In The Printing Industry?

Fabric Printers

Some (well, a lot of) companies need to print enormous amounts of material on all sorts of fabrics. They use these to print all sorts of promo products, t-shirts, all sorts of merchandise and for them, the most adequate printer would be the one who can print fast and print good. The Epson fabrics printer is one of the freshest things out there. It has the ability of printing out 30 m2 of fabric every hour, which is more than enough, and it most certainly prints well. If you want to find out more about this particular printer, read the review.

Cheap Solutions

Most companies that have to print out contracts and all sorts of documentation on a daily basis (which is, again, most companies in general) have financial problems, because ink and cartridges can be a tad expensive, and the problem is that they are needed all the time. Luckily there are ways to find cheap cartridges at online shops like Ink Station or Ink Depot, since quality is really not that big of an issue.
All in all, no matter how far we get, there will always be new things to discover and new things to improve. The printing industry is something that changed civilization. Who knows, maybe 3D printing is the thing of the future… Let’s just hope that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, since I have heard that they started printing out guns. A bad idea, wouldn’t you agree?